Arena Essex Drift Practice November

Arena Essex Drift Practice November the 6th. After the fuel pump problems at the last Drift practice on the 23rd of October, I bought a new Bosch fuel pump & fitted on the 5th. All sorted? Well not quite…… the new pump is real damn noisy and was making some strange noises but it would have to do for now!

Got to Arena Essex around 6.30pm. Signed in and headed down to the pits. The place was in darkness and once again it was packed and only half of the pits was open? The place was like a mud bath in places.

Had to cut through the queue to find a spot to get prepped, a few cars started hooting? Was they hooting at me, nah, I think not! Taped up the lights, had a little snack & set up the GoPro.

Joined the line & had to kind of cut in the long queue that quickly stopped moving due to the damn tractor wetting the track…It was another 2 runs before i was finally at the front. Jodie Rasburn was behind me in her e30 that was back together after ramming an e46 at the last drift practice.

I asked Jodie & the girl letting the drifters through each session if this was the final drift practice? They didn’t seem too sure and asked the bloke in the scrutineer cabin. He said drift practice would carry on all throughout winter unless it was snowing, WooHoo!

I finally got onto the track at 7.30pm, WTF, Grrrrrr….., precious Drifting time was disappearing fast & furiously.

The 1st run was going great but then the Beamer started losing power once more towards the end of the sesh, engine even died out a couple times, damn it! All the sessions after this and she ran fine, without missing a beat…..which was a result!

The 2nd run went great. Getting the hang of the transitions now & just need to link the corners together, need to get the hang of getting the Beamer side ways before entering the bends. Problem was as before, a lot of people were spinning & the yellow flags would be waving on near enough every other corner.

I noticed that I just cant help going for 3rd gear but hardly ever change up? Why, I do not know. Mental note, keep hand of gear knob…… 😉

Queuing up for the 3rd run and I noticed that the driver in a real battered e36 in front of me looked about 14 years old, if even that……then him & his mate about the same age were fighting over the drivers seat? What the fuck!

I was thinking,  surely these f’ing kids ain’t allowed out on track? Got to say I was damn relieved when their dad came and jumped in the drivers seat.

After this sesh, which was only about 6 minutes, a bit short & shabby, it was straight to the back of the queue. Waiting in the queue and the cars from the last run were coming back. A Volvo estate tried going through a gap that wasn’t big enough. Then he just rammed one of the cars? Not sure if it was his mate but he moved for the Volvo……

I reckoned I would definitely get another run & maybe a 5th run but it was not to be. Just one more run as that f’ing tractor was back out wetting the track again!

It had been raining all day and before I got to Arena Essex the rain had stopped,  f’ing typical. If it wasn’t for the damn tractor I could of had another 2 runs for sure!!!

Anyhow my 4th & final run was a bit manic with drifters spinning of every which way, myself included, still it was fun but as usual all over with too soon.

After the 4th sesh it was back to the pits & rip the tape of the lights, give them a quick wipe and head back home…… at least this was not to be the final Drift practice, there would be more…….;)


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