British Drift Championship Round 4 Back To Lydden Hill

British Drift Championship Round 4 Back To Lydden Hill. This August, the 10th and 11th will see the penultimate round of the BDC (British Drift Championship).

Lydden Hill, the south east’s friendly circuit, will be holding another round of the BDC! Below are highlights from round 3 at Teeside……if you look carefully at the cars, many of them have cameras mounted in various places, they look like the GoPro Hero action cams, which are popping up every where!! I hope to be getting one real soon……

Round 4 of the BDC starts of at 9am on Saturday. This will be the practice sessions for the Semi Pros, the Pros and the Super Pros up until lunch time.

After lunch this is where the qualifying begins from 1pm until 6pm. The results will then be announced for the competition, which will begin on Sunday.

The Drifting starts at 9am. This will be the elimination rounds up until lunch time. Then at 1pm the Big action kicks of with the top 16 Semi Pros, then at 2:30pm the top 16 Pros will be competing,

This will then leave the Big Boys to battle it out at 4pm for the Super Pro Top 16 honours.

They may also do a drift train, where a bunch of cars drift together in one long line of smoking, drifting cars! Got to be seen to be believed and hopefully they will repeat the Triple event where 3 cars go out together drifting as close to each other as they can!

There will be drivers competing from all around the world. From Ireland we have Mark Luney in his Beast of a Toyota Supra, Shane Lynch (Ex Boyzone pop star) in his twin turbo charged V8 powered Nissan. From Saudi Arabia we have Abdulhadi in his Mustang which looks and sounds amazing! Plus many other amazing Drifters…..

There will be displays in between the events. The Lassa Drift Team from France will be there doing a spectacular 3 car tandem drift demo. Special guest Drivers from `Formula Drift` are confirmed to be there but no names mentioned yet!

You can also stroll around the pits in between events and  get to see the Drift machines and the drivers. Most will be happy enough to chat with you. There will be plenty of refreshments and food available through out the circuit.

There is also a variety of cars competing, with V8 powered Nissan, 900BHP powered Toyota Supra that destroys a set of tyres in 1 Lap! A Viper V10 powered Nissan and who can forget the Awesome BMW V8 powered Volvo estate. No expense has been spared on some of the top running cars here…… Also a variety of Bimmers from Skyline powered e36, M3s, M5s to a Supercharged M3……..oh yeah………

Round 4 of the BDC is sure to be an amazing event this year! Each year the formula is just keeps getting bigger and better!!!

What more can I say? If you like drifting you gonna love the BDC! So be sure not to miss out & get there Any Which Way You Can…(right turn Clyde) 😉

Then at 6pm to wrap the day up will be the Trophy Presentation with the Maxxis Pit Babes and champagne been sprayed around to finnish up another great day at the BDC!!

You can find the full Timetable here! Why not print it of so you don’t miss out on any of the action!!

Post Code for TomTom: CT4 6ET (But double check your sat nav as they can get a little confused 🙂 )

Lydden Hill Race Circuit,
Wooton, Canterbury,
Kent CT4 6ET

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