Longest Car Drift World Record

Longest Car Drift World Record

This is a Record that is going to beaten on a regular basis but The Longest Car Drift World Record is Pretty much down to how long your tyres going to last.

Surprisingly the previous record was held by Mercedes over a year ago. This was done with a Mercedes C63 AMG by Mauro Calo at Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, located on the historic Brooklands motor racing circuit.

The previous unofficial record was help by Vaughn Gittin in a Mustang (FORMULA Drift) The Mercedes drift record was almost 1.5 miles long (2308 meters) beating JRs old record by 394 meters.

This record was then smashed by Red Bull drifter Abdo Feghali using a Chevrolet Camaro SS over 2 months ago on Feb 15th 2013. Abdo from Lebanon drifted 6.9 Miles (11,180 meters) at Yas Marina circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The drift lasted for over 10 minutes.

Many were amazed the tires lasted so long. This was done with `Easydrift System`! This is a patented ring mount that fits over the rear tires!

“Well that is our secret, we start burning that until the EasyDrift tires burst and then we continue on the normal tires.”

More details about Easydrift available here!

On the 11th of May 2013, BMW smashes Red Bulls Worlds Longest car drift record. This drift was an amazing 51.3 Miles long taking around 40 minutes to achieve! The driver Johan Schwartz achieved this using standard M5 BMW.

A big advantage at this record attempt was that BMW wet the track at its South Carolina Performance Driving School to aid tyre wear.

Bmw also managed to raise $20,000 for 150 charities doing this record!



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