Project CARS Racing Sim

Project CARS Racing Sim was finally released on 7th of may 2015. After many set backs & Delays.The question is, Does it Live up to the Hype? Well it very Nearly does, with a few tweaks and adjustments Project CARS is going to be very hard to top!

Project CARS Racing Sim has been in development from around 2012. With around 80,000 fans Beta testing throughout the development of this racing Sim. Project CARS stands for `Community Assisted Racing Simulator`.

Project CARS Racing Sim also acquired the help of professional race drivers to develop the realism of the simulator. Everyone will know of `The Stig` aka Ben Collins, who also voices your pit crew in the Sim. Formula Renault racer Oli Webb who currently competes in the ELMS (European Le Mans Series) & Nicolas Hamilton who competes in the European Touring Car Cup and Renault Cup.

To get an idea of how realistic Project CARS racing Sim is, watch this video below which compares a lap around Brands Hatch in an Ariel Atom with Project CARS and real life actual footage! You will be amazed, the only thing missing is the G-forces, the wind & smells……

The online racing in Project CARS is really intense if you get in with a group of like minded racers. Problem is as with most online race games on the consoles you get the arcade type Dickhead generation of racers who just smash into you to gain a place or park their car in the middle of the track or try driving the wrong way???

Its a racing Sim you F`ing twats! Also you will find negative reviews here & there about the poor physics & not been able to customise the cars….wtf? These are the Ricer fools that are use to arcade type racers and expect a car to go around a bend or hairpin at 200mph! Its a racing Simulator, meaning it uses real life Physics, stick with your Need for speed boys….

For all the serious racers you will need to join up with like minded racers, where private lobby’s will be held and all the idiots will be kept out or 3 strikes & you will be kicked out.

Check out Here the host LordyMatsuo has built a website were you can join and have great. clean races, which get very, very intense at times 😉

At Matsuoracing there is even racing leagues where you pay £3 into a pay pal kitty and there is cash prizes for the Top 3 racers, this is only for the serious hardcore racers, Ricers need not apply 🙂

There is no point comparing Project CARS Racing Sim with the others. Grand Turismo was the daddy of racing Sim on the PlayStation & we have Driveclub that is visually stunning & great fun, We have the Forza series on the X Box but they almost feel like arcade racers next to the Project CARS Racing Sim!

The Sound on Project CARS Racing Sim is simply stunning, with each car, Simply Mad Studios have captured the exhaust note, popping & banging from throttle lift off, the sequential gear changes from all of the different cars.

From the thunderous Roar of a big V8 to the high revving screams of the Formula cars, this will be a real treat for all the Gran Turismo fans where the GT series has always been let down by the poor audio.

Project CARS Racing Sim is a great racer but is not without its problems and bugs. There is quite a list of bugs in the game from game play, to the controllers, steering wheel or hand controller. Even with these troubles the Sim is still amazing and with updates and patches it hopefully will not be long before it is almost the perfect Racing Sim!

I found this in depth video to get a good basic feel for the Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel, should apply to most wheels on the PS4. With some fine tuning you will soon have your wheel set as you feel its best, although it takes a bit of time, I spent a good couple hours getting it to my liking!

What are your views on Project CARS Racing Sim? Do you own this amazing race Sim or have you had the chance to played it yet?  Please share and tell me your views in the comments below.

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