Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung DWYB

Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung DWYB. Let the good times Roll. Finally I get to go to the Pod, although I was not feeling too good at all. Had a damned nasty ticklish cough that I have had for over a week now & just cant shake the damn thing of……

Arrived at 10am, got there in 2 hours, there was just a little traffic on the way, Missed an hours worth of drift practice & the drivers briefing but asked the ticket man whats what, when I Signed in.

He just said there were several play pens. Start with the  smaller pens, where you can practice doughnuts, figure of 8s & drifting between cones.

Then there were the bigger play pens, the 1st one has a pair of cones about 8ft apart for you to drift between.The next bigger pen had cones laid out in the shape of a kidney, for you to drift around. You had to go on this one to prove you are competent at drifting before moving on to the advanced track!

The Advanced track is laid out like one of the EDC (European Drift Championship ) Tracks…… awesome stuff, couldn’t wait!

As I went he said to just Have Fun!;) Ohh yes I intend to bud…..

Next I found a parking spot, it was a long way of as all the good spots had gone. Unloaded all my tyres & tools before setting up the GoPro & Ghost HD action cams!

Alrighty, already & set to go, I did think about just going straight on to the big track but thought I would have a blast in the play pens 1st. Had a little cruise around taking it all in. I decided to start with the figure of 8 play pen 1st, should be pretty good at this!

Famous last words. Kept spinning and spinning at 1st, this was a damn site harder then I had thought, real slippery! The tarmac was also damp & wet all day so there wasn’t going to be much Tyre shredding smoke to be had today…..

After a few minutes, I noticed the temperature gauge rising, damn it & had to pull of to let her cool down. Next I queued at the Doughnut pen. Wtf wasn’t doing too good here either. After a few minutes attempting to get some smoking doughnuts I was getting into the groove but had to pull of again as the beamer was getting tooo hot.

Just before my 3rd go I put my Ghost HD on the door facing the rear wheel & when I got in the pen I just hooked it up & was doughnutting relatively easily now….. 🙂 Had another go & that was that sorted, now back to the figure of 8s.

The cones had been knocked of track by now & just had to use my imagination. Had a few goes here & was getting the hang of the handbrake and turning the slide into a drift. After a few goes at this the Marshalls drove into the pen in their light blue M5 beast & flashed his lights to get my attention & to tell me it was time to stop for lunch, damn already……..

After lunch, it was back for a couple more goes in the figure of 8 pen. Then I decided fuck this, I need to get on track. Drove upto the kidney play pen to prove my worth but when I seen the queue I thought bollocks, I don’t need to prove myself Ive competed at King of the Ring, haha, I got drifting skills!

Oh Yeah, I’m going on the big Advanced track to drift with the big drifters, hehe.

Just joined the queue & nobody said anything. There was quite a big queue, with four cars in a row, 6 deep! So it worked out that you got about 4 minutes or 4 laps on track & would then have to wait about a 25 mins for your next go, hmmmmm.

Well it wasn’t too long before I would be out on track. Nearly at the front now & I noticed I was in the lane to go 1st & to be honest looking at the track I wasn’t to sure which way it went? When the Marshall waved us on I signaled the bloke next to me to go in front.

Of he went followed by a E30 touring, then me and an E36 behind me. My 1st impressions were, damn its a lot quicker then I though, damn its slippy & fuck them barriers are not plastic they are solid concrete, don’t want to be banging into them bad boys……

There were a couple photographers on the track, one was a woman, who I think was Beccaboo Chapman but I remember thinking she is a bit brave standing out on the track with only a few cones between her and the drifters, although she wasn’t there for my next run…..

I thought I done ok on my 1st run & only had a few spins & clipped a few cones, just needed more time to learn the track. The layout wasn’t exactly well marked out either, a few times I nearly went the wrong side of the cones…….

Still it was awesome, really enjoyed that, so Joined the queue again for another blast. Got to the front of the queue and had to wait a little longer as the marshalls put back all the cones that had been knocked out of place, come on lads, get a move on!

This run didn’t go so well. I clipped & hit about 4 or 5 cones and took one out proper, dragging it underneath the beamer and had a few more big spins. On my 3rd lap, Coming around to the start finish & one of the Marshalls were out in the middle of the track pointing at me & frantically directing me of the track, wtf!

Hey I’m not gonna learn if I’m not on track 😉 f`ing kill joy…..hehe. I’m not sure if I was sent of for clipping the cones or if some one realised I hadn’t proved myself on the kidney shaped track? Whatever the reason I was off…….. well maybe I wasn’t quite ready for the big track yet, so of I returned to the play pens to enjoy what time I had left.

Well I had a wicked time & highly recommend DWYB  to new drifters and experienced to practice your drifting skills and just for the fun of it…… Next week Im of to Lydden Hill Race track for some more Drifting fun on a hopefully dry tyre smoking track!!! 😉

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