Slow Motion Car Drifting

Slow Motion Car Drifting. The slow motion technology that is used a lot today from wildlife documentaries to all types of sports is great for showing what is actually going on during the action in milliseconds!

With the slow motion footage you are able to see things that you would not be able to see normally as it happens so fast. Lets face it, who doesn’t like to see the action in slow motion?

And here we have more great slow motion drifting!

Many cameras you can buy these days are able to capture slow motion video, even a lot of smart phones like the HTC One & Samsung galaxy S4 have slow motion capability although the resolution is quite small. Still impressive stuff!

And here of course is Ken Block in his Scooby Impreza who always has a bit of slow mo action shots in his videos, he loves it!!!!

If you are a fan of the “Isle Of Man TT”, I know you will love the slow mo footage they show of the bikes. Over the jumps and hard cornering you can see the tyres squirming and flexing, the fairing rippling, the bikes shaking and compressing, trying to absorb all the bumps and speed but played at normal speed you would not be aware of all the stress these machines are truly under…….

To finish of, have a look at this video with some amazing slow mo footage…..

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