The E30 Story Respect Your Elders

The E30 Story Respect Your Elders, ohh yes the legendary BMW E30 is a motoring icon from the 80s. The E30 was designed by Claus Luthe and built from 1982 to 1994 before been replaced by the E36.

This short film named “The E30 Story Respect Your Elders ” is about the E30 & was made by a team of BMW fans, taking 5 months to make. The film has recently reached recognition from BMW themselves, who have also tweeted the film.

“The Best Car BMW Ever Built”! Once you have driven one you will understand…..modern cars just don’t give the same feeling or feedback when driving!

“With the E30, everything is right at your fingertips. I have a 1987 325i that I drive and 1991 318i with an M3 (S50) engine swap—that one I’m saving for my son. We’re a BMW family; my wife even has a 2008 335i, but she’d rather drive my E30.”


Everyone who has owned or driven a E30 BMW knows as the old saying goes, they don’t build them like they use to!

Even the other week I went to a BMW mainstealer to get some parts for my E30 M52B28 conversion and the parts man said that the E30s where the best that BMW had built and all the newer BMs were crap in comparison 🙂

The answer for people who wanted a sports car and passenger sedan in one. Though advertised with racing pedigree in mind, and raced extensively in Europe, the car continued its upscale evolution and increasingly became seen as a status symbol and the car for urban yuppies…

Have you ever owned, own or just an enthusiast or admirer of the E30? Do you get people looking, pointing or taking pictures of your E30 when your out driving, racing or drifting? What makes the E30 special to you?

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