The Only Way is Sideways

The Only Way is Sideways for drifters but for 16 year old Jodie Rasburn from Romford in Essex, the Only Way is Up, she is well on her way in the drifting world, where she has recently been sponsored by Acorn Motorsport division, GyroDrift & Competition Clutch!

Jodie and her dad Ronnie are well known around Essex Arena Raceway, where they both  go to the arena to practice drifting, Jodie in her E30 BMW & Ron in his E36 BMW. They both also compete at the drifting competitions held at Arena Essex, named `King Of The Ring!

Jodie BimmerLast year she managed to finish 3rd at one of last years `King of the Ring` competitions, where she put many others to shame……but car troubles through out the rest of the year and a bad crash during practice hampered her progress to claim the crown of `Queen of the Ring`!

Some of the British Drift Championship stars also come to put on a display and give passenger rides at the King Of The Ring events!

Jodie’s love of drifting also extends to fixing cars where she is now studying motor mechanics at Havering College. Her dad Ron who owns & runs Rayleigh Tyres has obviously been a big influence to Jodie, encouraging her & keeping her on track, fixing & repairing her drifting E30.

When it came to girls and the sport, Jodie was clear that there are not many like her.

“There isn’t a single girl as young as me on the circuit,” she said. “There are only three others I have come across and they are all older – I guess most girls aren’t attracted to the sport.

“My friends at Havering College have said they would love to do it once I have told them about it – but obviously most of them can’t drive yet.

“It is weird being able to get out on the track but not actually being able to drive on the road”

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She has recently got another drifting beast, a 270bhp Nissan 200SX which she uses at Norfolk Arena to practice her drifting skills!

As far as motorsport is concerned it is cheap to get started with although things can get out of hand when you want to compete at the higher levels of the drifting scene, such as the BDC……..where sponsorship becomes a necessity!

I started drifting myself last year in my E30 converted with a M52B28 lump from an E36 and have to say it is damned addictive fun.

Kotr last chapter dirtI have been on track with both Jodie & Ron, at Arena Essex drift practice and `King of the Ring`, they are definitely in a different class although I’m getting better & better 😉 and wont be long till I’m able to keep with em!

Jodie will soon be competing in the BDC (British Drift Championship) as soon as she turns 17, where she will be the youngest female to compete in the BDC & will no doubt be competing at the top in little or no time at all!

We wish the `Queen of the Ring` all the best with her drifting career…….



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