British Drift Championship 2013 Review

British Drift Championship 2013 Review. Although the British Drifting scene is coming along in leaps and bounds & the quality of drifters & cars has stepped up to another level altogether, there is a little problem.

The TV coverage is still somewhat lacking. Motors TV been the only channel broadcasting the BDC. Needs to be more mainstream & on for longer to fit more drift action in. Hopefully things will improve in 2014!

The BDC needs to get onto some of the Bigger tracks of the UK, like Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Snetterton etc to get more recognition & draw in some bigger sponsorship deals. And they need to add a couple more rounds to the season…. 🙂

Its a bit hit & miss trying to watch the BDC on Motors TV & the coverage & production of the show is pretty poor! To be honest its shit! The commentators get on my tits & they only show some snippets of the actual drifting & they talk too much shite, often leaving the viewer unsure of whats going on!

Sadly it has a long, long way to go before they come anyway near the level of the Drift scene in Europe or the USA.

Round 1 at Lydden Hill, the 1st competition of the season. I went to see this event which was pretty damn good.

Round 2 at Pembrey in wales. A bit far for me this one. The weather was great for this event  and the competition was close…..

Round 3 at Teeside, this track was well suited to the drifting and provided a lot of entertaining, Tyre smoking drifting…..

Round 4 at Lydden Hill, back to Canterbury for the penultimate round of the Maxxis BDC championship, with only 1 round left, every point counted. Once again I attended this one & had a great time. My brother came along & got some great pics of the action….

Round 5 at Knockhill, all the way up north in Scotland for the final round of the season….

All these videos are what was televised on Motors TV. As you can see it was somewhat confusing at times it seemed like there was so much missing or missed.

The BDC is the top league of drifting in this country, although enjoyable it sadly lacks the flair & enthusiasm of other championships around the world as does the IDC (irish Drift Championship). Although the BDC has improved tremendously, it really needs to step its game up, with some big Sponsorship & a lot better TV coverage.

The Top 3 Super Professional Results for the Maxxis BDC 2013:

  • Michael Marshall (13) – 86 points
  • Simon Perry (9) – 76 points
  • Phil Morrison (26) – 72 points

The Top 3 Professional Results for the Maxxis BDC 2013:

  • Jay Green (73) – 81 points
  • Jay White (9) – 74 points
  • Paul Cheshire (44) – 72 points

The Top 3 Semi Professional Results for the Maxxis BDC 2013:

  • Matt Samuel (12) – 90 points
  • Matt Hitchcock (47) – 60 points
  • Luke Woodham (76) – 59 points

For more Results, Look here at the “British Drift Championship”

I would love to here your suggestions or what you think is missing from the BDC. Just leave a comment below or contact me through Facebook & don’t forget to share with your friends!

Until next time, Go Hard or Go Home…..

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