Ken Block Gymkhana 9

Ken Block Gymkhana 9

Yes you’ve guessed it, Blocks 9th Gymkhana video….

You cannot not be impressed with Blocks driving skills, here in gymkhana 9 we have another one of Kens insane tire shredding, smoke filled videos!

Using & abusing his 600bhp powered Ford Focus RS that he was currently using in this years 2016 World Rallycross Championship.

Filmed at an abandoned industrial estate in Buffalo New York City, this isn’t as exotic as his recent videos like Los Angeles or Dhubia but Gymkhana 9 more then makes up for it with his insane driving.

Here we have it Ken Block Gymkhana 9, Enjoy!

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Drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya

Drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya 

Is the daddy of drifting and still going strong. Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya was born in Japan in 1959. One of the Drift Kings favourite cars is the 1980s Toyota Corrola AE86, also known as the Eight Six (Haci-Roku) in Japan.

The Drift King has had a long career in motorsport. Keiichi has won many championships in his motorsport career and has competed in races from JTCC (Japanese Touring Car Championships) to races at the world famous Le Mans.

Keiichi is most famously known for his drifting skills worldwide.

A young Jeremy Clarkson meets the Drift King ???? and a some Japanese street drifters, this is where the whole drift scene started from.

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Mad Mike Drifts Badbul

Mad Mike Drifts Badbul in South Africa. That’s right Mad Mike Whiddett and Redbull have made another stylish drifting video along Franschhoek Pass. Whiddett tore up the 9 mile long mountain pass hitting speeds of 154mph in on a road which normally has a speed limit of 60mph!

“There is only so much you can do before you arrive,” explains Kiwi drifter Mad Mike Whiddett. “Google earth, some photos, maps – you know – that sort of thing. With most of the stuff we’re doing, something like Franschhoek Pass, you only really get a feel for it once on the ground.

Watch Mad Mikes video below, Using Badbul, his monster quad rotor engined Mazda RX-8, putting out over 800 screaming bhp

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Ford Focus RS Drift Mode

Thats right the Ford Focus RS Drift Mode turns this great hatchback into a drift missile.

The 2016 all wheel drive, 350bhp Ford has a switch to choose from Normal -for everyday driving, Sport – that stiffens the shocks for faster driving, Track – that changes esc settings further for Track days and finally DRIFT – that sends  most of the cars power to the rear wheels giving people the chance to drift like a pro.

In the video Below the old Stig Ben Collins explains the Ford Focus RS Drift Mode…..

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Diffing, what does this mean? Unless you live in Ireland you may not of heard of Diffing before. I use to think it was what the Irish called drifting but no it goes much deeper then that.

What is a Differ? A differ is usually a youth, a lad or ladette with a RWD car of some sorts. They are either looked up to by some or hated by many!

Just check some of the comments on youtube differ vids that either praise there antics or slag the boy/girl racers of but hey, we were all reckless youths at some point in our lives….. 😉

Diffing is just a different name for donutting in your car. In other parts of the world Diffing is called donuts or donutting, where a driver with a RWD rear wheel drive or sometimes 4WD car will usually from a standstill, will rev the engine hard and let the clutch fly out overpowering the traction from the tyres, then while balancing the steering and throttle, the car will go round and round in circles smoking up the tyres.

As can be seen in this video below……

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Armless Man Drifting

Armless Man Drifting

This has to be seen to be believed! Armless Man Drifting, There are many skillful drivers, drifters and race drivers out there but this Polish drifter Bartek Ostalowski takes things to another level altogether.

Drifting requires a lot of skill and if you thought drifting was some kind of dark art try doing it with No arms!

Bartek who is only 26 years old had to have his arms amputated 10 years ago after a bad accident, although this didn’t hold him back and through sheer determination, hard work and currently using a highly modified R34 Nissan Skyline, powered by a LS V8 engine, he is a Armless Man Drifting like no other!

Say no more, watch this inspirational video of the young polish drifter in action……

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Project CARS Racing Sim

Project CARS Racing Sim was finally released on 7th of may 2015. After many set backs & Delays.The question is, Does it Live up to the Hype? Well it very Nearly does, with a few tweaks and adjustments Project CARS is going to be very hard to top!

Project CARS Racing Sim has been in development from around 2012. With around 80,000 fans Beta testing throughout the development of this racing Sim. Project CARS stands for `Community Assisted Racing Simulator`.

Project CARS Racing Sim also acquired the help of professional race drivers to develop the realism of the simulator. Everyone will know of `The Stig` aka Ben Collins, who also voices your pit crew in the Sim. Formula Renault racer Oli Webb who currently competes in the ELMS (European Le Mans Series) & Nicolas Hamilton who competes in the European Touring Car Cup and Renault Cup.

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What is a Ricer

What is a Ricer? You may of heard or seen the word Ricer been mentioned on or off the internet. You may be wondering what a Ricer is? Wonder no more my friend, wonder no more. Here you will find out all about the dreaded Ricer.

I use to think a Ricer was some fool with a Japanese import with a 5″ or bigger Exhaust tail pipe that sounded like shit, all noise and no go, trying to look Fast & Furious. I was close but it goes much deeper, Much, much deeper then that!

Ricer comes from the Latin word Ricarius, meaning to `Suck at Everything`

A dickhead car enthusiast who makes stupid and pointless modifications to there pride & joy, to basically make it look faster but go slower! The Ricer will spend more money to make there car look faster instead of spending money to make actually it go quicker & fail miserably in the process.

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