VW Passat Drift Car

VW Passat Drift Car with 900BHP! An unusual choice for a drift car seeing as they are a front wheel drive car but this is no ordinary VW Passat!

This VW Passat Drift Car would be used to compete in 3 Formula Drift events this season in 2015 and would be driven by Tanner Foust.

Tanner Foust should be a familiar name to Drifting fans, although he hasn’t competed since 2010. Tanner is well known in America, is one of the hosts on the American version of Top Gear also a 3 times winner of Global Rally Cross championship and a stunt driver. Foust is also making a return to Formula Drift this year competing in select events. Continue reading

Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction

Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction, what would you go for? Are you a Big Block drifter or Strap On Powered drifter?

There are always two sides to a coin!

With a big V8 you pretty much have power when ever you slam down the throttle, big V8 equals big torque, which is available from way low down in the revs range! Don’t forget the Noise from a mighty V8 is hard to beat…..

There isn’t really any disadvantages when running a V8 in your drift missile & if needs be you can also bolt on a couple turbos giving mind blowing power!!!

On the other hand a boosted engine can be tuned to produce massive BHP and big Big Torque figures but in a much narrower rev range then a V8. A disadvantage with the turbo powered car is that you will have to work harder at maintaining drifts but many drifters like this extra challenge.

At the end of the day its what ever gets you going, many people like myself just love the thunderous rumble you get from the mighty V8s others love the surging, pops, bangs and flames from a boosted motor and some love to mix the two together!!!

Let me know in the comments below what you would have in your Drift Missile, a Big Rumbling V8 or Flame throwing boosted motor???

Drifting Mustangs With Vaughn Gittin Jr

Drifting Mustangs With Vaughn Gittin Jr. In this video you will get to see an amazing `69 Mustang Fastback` RTR-X (Ready To Rock) created by “Team Need For Speed” in conjunction with Vaughn gittin Jr!

The Mustang RTR-X is the complete package! With highly adjustable suspension, you can set it up for the road, take it to the race track or for a tyre shredding Drifting event……

Running a Ford 302ci Engine with racing fuel injection set up, this engine gives the Stang more than enough Horse Power for all the fun you will need…… this has got to be one of the coolest Mustangs I have ever seen. And its got the Go to go with the Looks!

Please let me know what you think of this drifting beast in the comments below and feel free to share this link on Face book or how ever else you see fit……

Formula Drift Round 2 Results

Formula Drift Round 2 Results 2013

Round two of the Formula Drift championship was slippery and wet. The mainly Rain soaked track for the top 16 provided some unpredictable conditions. There was little showers, heavy showers and no rain causing ever changing grip levels on track.

Suprisinly Daijiro Yoshihara, who usually dominates at Road Atlanta did not make it in to the top 16 this year, which was a great pity,! Could it be the fault of the new wing/spoiler added to the back of Dai`s car??

The Main competition started at 8pm in the evening, giving drift fans a unique view of the action, these great drifters still managing to get the tyres smoking up in the damp/wet conditions!. Continue reading