Close Shaves With Rally Cars

There are many many people who have Close Shaves With Rally Cars, that’s right the stupid fans who at times get too close for comfort.

We all love to get close to the action in our beloved sports but most people wouldn’t put themselves in direct danger, would they?

Well it’s a different story when it comes to Rally fans. Most rally drivers are highly skilled drivers but when driving on the limits of man & machine on unpredictable roads or dirt/gravel tracks, things can and often do go wrong.

Some close shaves with rally cars (warning! scenes of stupid people getting run over)

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Mad Mike Drifts Badbul

Mad Mike Drifts Badbul in South Africa. That’s right Mad Mike Whiddett and Redbull have made another stylish drifting video along Franschhoek Pass. Whiddett tore up the 9 mile long mountain pass hitting speeds of 154mph in on a road which normally has a speed limit of 60mph!

“There is only so much you can do before you arrive,” explains Kiwi drifter Mad Mike Whiddett. “Google earth, some photos, maps – you know – that sort of thing. With most of the stuff we’re doing, something like Franschhoek Pass, you only really get a feel for it once on the ground.

Watch Mad Mikes video below, Using Badbul, his monster quad rotor engined Mazda RX-8, putting out over 800 screaming bhp

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Diffing, what does this mean? Unless you live in Ireland you may not of heard of Diffing before. I use to think it was what the Irish called drifting but no it goes much deeper then that.

What is a Differ? A differ is usually a youth, a lad or ladette with a RWD car of some sorts. They are either looked up to by some or hated by many!

Just check some of the comments on youtube differ vids that either praise there antics or slag the boy/girl racers of but hey, we were all reckless youths at some point in our lives….. 😉

Diffing is just a different name for donutting in your car. In other parts of the world Diffing is called donuts or donutting, where a driver with a RWD rear wheel drive or sometimes 4WD car will usually from a standstill, will rev the engine hard and let the clutch fly out overpowering the traction from the tyres, then while balancing the steering and throttle, the car will go round and round in circles smoking up the tyres.

As can be seen in this video below……

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Armless Man Drifting

Armless Man Drifting

This has to be seen to be believed! Armless Man Drifting, There are many skillful drivers, drifters and race drivers out there but this Polish drifter Bartek Ostalowski takes things to another level altogether.

Drifting requires a lot of skill and if you thought drifting was some kind of dark art try doing it with No arms!

Bartek who is only 26 years old had to have his arms amputated 10 years ago after a bad accident, although this didn’t hold him back and through sheer determination, hard work and currently using a highly modified R34 Nissan Skyline, powered by a LS V8 engine, he is a Armless Man Drifting like no other!

Say no more, watch this inspirational video of the young polish drifter in action……

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What is a Ricer

What is a Ricer? You may of heard or seen the word Ricer been mentioned on or off the internet. You may be wondering what a Ricer is? Wonder no more my friend, wonder no more. Here you will find out all about the dreaded Ricer.

I use to think a Ricer was some fool with a Japanese import with a 5″ or bigger Exhaust tail pipe that sounded like shit, all noise and no go, trying to look Fast & Furious. I was close but it goes much deeper, Much, much deeper then that!

Ricer comes from the Latin word Ricarius, meaning to `Suck at Everything`

A dickhead car enthusiast who makes stupid and pointless modifications to there pride & joy, to basically make it look faster but go slower! The Ricer will spend more money to make there car look faster instead of spending money to make actually it go quicker & fail miserably in the process.

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The Best Movie Car Chases

The Best Movie Car Chases ever? From the Daddy of car chase movies, the 1968 film Bulitt starring Steve McQueen, followed by the 1971 classic `Vanishing Point` & 1974 original `Gone In 60 Seconds` to the modern day movies such as James Blonds Craig Daniel `Quantum of Solace` and the many many car chase movies in between. Which one is the best?

Lets face it, with peoples differing opinions there is never going to be an all time definite list of the best car chases!

Then we also have the slapstick comedy type car chases with films like The Blues Brothers, Cannonball Run, Smokey and the Bandit, Pineapple express, Taxi & not the shite American remake with queen Latifah, etc, etc.

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The E30 Story Respect Your Elders

The E30 Story Respect Your Elders, ohh yes the legendary BMW E30 is a motoring icon from the 80s. The E30 was designed by Claus Luthe and built from 1982 to 1994 before been replaced by the E36.

This short film named “The E30 Story Respect Your Elders ” is about the E30 & was made by a team of BMW fans, taking 5 months to make. The film has recently reached recognition from BMW themselves, who have also tweeted the film.

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drifting

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drifting. The 70s 426ci Dodge Challenger R/T is one of my all time favorite Muscle Cars! The new Dodge Challenger although I do like it has lost some of its character, as is usual with most modern day remakes of Legendary cars.

Until now, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is what a Muscle Car is all about!

The SRT® Hellcat is out of the proverbial bag. 707 horsepower. Has a nice ring to it. And it has a bite that you won’t believe. Power. Period. End of discussion. A red key unlocks the full potential of this American dream. Once you hear the power, there’s no turning back.

Old vs New, a quarter mile challenge with Garage Monkeys Richard Rawlings in the Hellcat Challenger & Dennis Collins in the Original Dodge Challenger 426ci

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