Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction

Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction, what would you go for? Are you a Big Block drifter or Strap On Powered drifter?

There are always two sides to a coin!

With a big V8 you pretty much have power when ever you slam down the throttle, big V8 equals big torque, which is available from way low down in the revs range! Don’t forget the Noise from a mighty V8 is hard to beat…..

There isn’t really any disadvantages when running a V8 in your drift missile & if needs be you can also bolt on a couple turbos giving mind blowing power!!!

On the other hand a boosted engine can be tuned to produce massive BHP and big Big Torque figures but in a much narrower rev range then a V8. A disadvantage with the turbo powered car is that you will have to work harder at maintaining drifts but many drifters like this extra challenge.

At the end of the day its what ever gets you going, many people like myself just love the thunderous rumble you get from the mighty V8s others love the surging, pops, bangs and flames from a boosted motor and some love to mix the two together!!!

Let me know in the comments below what you would have in your Drift Missile, a Big Rumbling V8 or Flame throwing boosted motor???

BMW e30 Engine Swaps

BMW e30 Engine Swaps, whats in your e30? The classic e30 BMW has been around for many years now, from 1982 to 1990. With its legendary handling characteristics due to the front engined rear wheel drive set up & with a relatively light body, it was and still is a sought after car.

From Drift missile to Original untouched classic, these amazing bits of German Engineering can be picked up from a few hundred pounds to £6000 plus for a minter!

The German engineered beasts from the east still have cult status after all these years, mainly due to the M3 powered cars and the many, many highly modified race cars and drift machines that have been built.

Many different engines have been transplanted into these little beauty’s over the years. With the conventional swaps from other BMW models to the more extreme swaps, where people have fitted M5 V10s & even V12s. Others have even risked offending the BMW community by fitting big Yank V8s or Japanese engines, with big turbos & big power….. Continue reading

Keep Drifting Fun – Outsiders Japan

Keep Drifting Fun – The Outsiders Japan! The other day I found a little Gem of a video, called The Ugly Duckling and now I found this large Gem of a video, Outsiders Japan! I cant believe I haven’t seen it before but when I started watching Outsiders Japan, I was hooked!

This was filmed in 2011 by Driftworks, featuring Phil Morrison & James Robinson, who take a tour of Japans Drift scene. This is a great documentary for anyone, drift fans or not. It was beautifully shot, with a great soundtrack & gives an interesting insight into the Japanese drifting culture.

Japan has always been at the forefront of drifting. The Japanese always Keep Drifting Fun, from drifting in the city streets to the Touge Passes from the mountains or the dedicated drift tracks all around Japan.

They just drift for the pure thrill of it, not for the glory, the fame, the money or the sponsors! The Driftworks crew visit drift teams from the big to the small, Bee*R, Mind Control, Kids Heart, 326 Power and V-Factory. They visit many places including Bihoku, Suzuka Twin and Meihan, plus the crazy city of Nagoya! Continue reading

BMW Unveils Self Drifting M235i

BMW Unveils Self Drifting M235i, What the fuck are they playing at? The ultimate driving machine has now become the ultimate passenger machine? Impressive stuff BMW but where is the fun, the Beamer driving & drifting itself while you sit there like a f`ing dummy, come on…..some geek needs a slap for sure.

Consumer Electronic Show has witnessed lots of new car technologies and in between BMW has the show stealing tech for their cars and that is self driving drifting cars. These cars can drift on bends without touching any cones on bends.

For now only two models have this ultimate and fascinating technology and they are 2 series coupe and 6 series gran coupe. Both of these models can go round bends without any interference of driver. Car has a power slide for comfortable drift around corners without any intervention of driver. Car has 360 radar, cameras and sensors to adapt their surroundings for using all technologies accordingly.

You can read the full story here! Continue reading

Cannonball Run Record Broken Again

Cannonball Run Record Broken Again. The date, Oct 20th 2013, with a time of 28 hours & 51 minutes! This was achieved by Ed Bolian & Co-driver Dave Black, driving a heavily modified Mercedes CL55 AMG, with all types of scanners, Jammers, chargers & navigation equipment. The AMG powered Merc was even fitted with an additional 44 gallon fuel tanks mounted in the boot to reduce stoppage times!

Bolian, a 28-year-old Atlanta native, had long dreamed of racing from East Coast to West. A decade ago, for a high school assignment, Bolian interviewed Brock Yates, who conceived the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, aka the Cannonball Run.

Ed Bolian & Dave Black broke the previous Cannonball Run record of 31 hours & 4 minutes from 2006, which was held by Alex Roy & co-driver David Maher.

Alex Roy & David Maher raced from the East cost of America to the west coast using a E39 BMW M5 disguised as German police car. The car was fitted with every conceivable Police scanners, laser jammers, radar detectors etc & even had infrared night vision camera allowing the pair to drive across areas with no lights on!!! They even had a small plane flying in front as a spotter…..

This book written by Alexander Roy is a great read & highly recomended, The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World

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Hunt The Shunt a Short Story

Hunt The Shunt a Short Story about the Legendary F1 driver James Hunt. His full name was `James Simon Wallis Hunt` and he earned the nickname `Hunt the Shunt`, due to his action packed exploits on track.

I thought everybody knew of or had heard of James Hunt but I’m surprised how many people I talk to about James Hunt either vaguely remember him, never heard of him? Or still thought he was alive……

Unfortunately James passed away on the 15th June 1993 at the young age of 45, from a heart attack!

James Hunt also had a reputation off track due to his antics as a bit of a playboy. As an old friend, Murray Walker once said, Hunt drank too much, smoked too much and womanised too much!

Here is a great little funny video of our beloved rogue, James Hunt in action!

The Shunt once punched a Marshall who was trying to help the dazed Hunt after crashing & walking out on to the track in the 1977 Canadian GP. Heehee they don’t make em` like they use to!

Imagine one of the current F1 stars doing that today, a big fine & probable ban, not that any of them would have the bollocks to do it! Hmmm, Well maybe the Ice man Kimi Räikkönen or the Spaniard Fernando Alonso! Sebastian Vettel? Nah, that bitch would get his famous finger broken… 😉

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Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova

Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova! Here is another mountain drifter or in this case a Drifting Bunny. This Bulgarian beauty is drifting in the mountains of Bulgaria.

This Lady Drifter is using her old Audi 90, 5 cylinder, turbo charged 2ltr, producing around 220bhp and has been converted from 4 wheel drive to rear wheel drive.

This is one lady drifter who is well capable of putting the men to shame!

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Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King

Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King, I think not! This is the latest of Ken Blocks amazing videos! There is no deniying he is a skillful driver but Drift King, No….

Many people refer to Block as the Drift King but that title belongs to Keiichi Tsuchiya, the original Drift King!

Im not slagging Ken boy of but the cars he uses for his movies from Scoobys to Fiestas, have over 600bhp, 4wd and weigh next to nothing. Been 4wd the cars are never going to be true drift machines.

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