Crazy Drifting at Lydden Hill

Crazy Drifting at Lydden Hill. I thought Norfolk Arena Drift Practice was drifting fun at it’s best and it was great fun but this one at Lydden may of topped Norfolk Arena.
It was an eventful day to say the least……

It was a wet start at Lydden on the 26th of April but I was sure it was going to brighten up as the day went on! Had some wet sessions in the morning with my Blister Caz, which was great apart from not getting a full lap……drifters spinning of every damned where….

My bruv & Karen arrived around 11’ish. Got a text from Stel to say that she was on her way with a BBQ 😉 Things were looking brighter already!!!

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Father and Son Drifting

Father and Son Drifting fun. Is this the coolest dad ever? I reckon so, imagine when you were a 4 year old and your dad said “Son we are going drifting”. Most kids would of been over the moon….. Drifting would of been far better then any fair ride!.

Anton from Kazakhstan (Not related to Borat) took his 4 year old son out drifting over a year ago. Anton filmed the reactions with an on-board camera mounted on the dash and posted it on YouTube. Over a year later and this hilarious video has gone viral with over 1.6 million views.

Now a year later Anton has done another video with his drift loving son. This time the pair are drifting in Antons rwd subaru. Already the 2nd Father and son drift video has had over a million hits on YouTube.

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Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction

Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction, what would you go for? Are you a Big Block drifter or Strap On Powered drifter?

There are always two sides to a coin!

With a big V8 you pretty much have power when ever you slam down the throttle, big V8 equals big torque, which is available from way low down in the revs range! Don’t forget the Noise from a mighty V8 is hard to beat…..

There isn’t really any disadvantages when running a V8 in your drift missile & if needs be you can also bolt on a couple turbos giving mind blowing power!!!

On the other hand a boosted engine can be tuned to produce massive BHP and big Big Torque figures but in a much narrower rev range then a V8. A disadvantage with the turbo powered car is that you will have to work harder at maintaining drifts but many drifters like this extra challenge.

At the end of the day its what ever gets you going, many people like myself just love the thunderous rumble you get from the mighty V8s others love the surging, pops, bangs and flames from a boosted motor and some love to mix the two together!!!

Let me know in the comments below what you would have in your Drift Missile, a Big Rumbling V8 or Flame throwing boosted motor???

Keep Drifting Fun – Outsiders Japan

Keep Drifting Fun – The Outsiders Japan! The other day I found a little Gem of a video, called The Ugly Duckling and now I found this large Gem of a video, Outsiders Japan! I cant believe I haven’t seen it before but when I started watching Outsiders Japan, I was hooked!

This was filmed in 2011 by Driftworks, featuring Phil Morrison & James Robinson, who take a tour of Japans Drift scene. This is a great documentary for anyone, drift fans or not. It was beautifully shot, with a great soundtrack & gives an interesting insight into the Japanese drifting culture.

Japan has always been at the forefront of drifting. The Japanese always Keep Drifting Fun, from drifting in the city streets to the Touge Passes from the mountains or the dedicated drift tracks all around Japan.

They just drift for the pure thrill of it, not for the glory, the fame, the money or the sponsors! The Driftworks crew visit drift teams from the big to the small, Bee*R, Mind Control, Kids Heart, 326 Power and V-Factory. They visit many places including Bihoku, Suzuka Twin and Meihan, plus the crazy city of Nagoya! Continue reading

The Ugly Duckling Drifter

The Ugly Duckling Drifter. This awesome short film about two mates wondering what to do on a quiet day, sound interesting? Well probably not but you just have to watch it….you will be amazed.

Its like one of them days we all have at some point in our lives, talking to a mate about how we often plan to do things, what we could or should do but never end up doing it…..

The story is fun, the filming, the editing, the music and best of all, the Drifting is so damn awesome, I love it! The star of the film is an old beaten up e36 BMW 325i, Filmed in Lithuania by amateur drifters Norbefilms. Great stuff.

I really enjoyed this short film, there is so much crap on YouTube these days, then all of a sudden you find a gem like this, if only there was more great little movies like this…..if you do find any just send them to me. 😉

Drifting The European Way – Drift Allstars

Drifting The European Way – Drift Allstars, Drifting with style & passion! This championship gets bigger and Bigger every year! 2014 is going to be massive, Hugely massive….

Here we have is a great video showing the high lights from round 3 of Drift Allstars at Latvia from the 2013 season.

For 2014 there will be over 100 drivers from over 7 country’s competing in the Drift Allstars series. This series will also consist of 2 street circuits which are always a big hit with the fans & drivers.

The amount of media coverage at these events is massive. At some events the public roads are partially closed & the drifters get a police escort through the streets, you gotta love it!!!

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BMW Unveils Self Drifting M235i

BMW Unveils Self Drifting M235i, What the fuck are they playing at? The ultimate driving machine has now become the ultimate passenger machine? Impressive stuff BMW but where is the fun, the Beamer driving & drifting itself while you sit there like a f`ing dummy, come on…..some geek needs a slap for sure.

Consumer Electronic Show has witnessed lots of new car technologies and in between BMW has the show stealing tech for their cars and that is self driving drifting cars. These cars can drift on bends without touching any cones on bends.

For now only two models have this ultimate and fascinating technology and they are 2 series coupe and 6 series gran coupe. Both of these models can go round bends without any interference of driver. Car has a power slide for comfortable drift around corners without any intervention of driver. Car has 360 radar, cameras and sensors to adapt their surroundings for using all technologies accordingly.

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Tianmenshan Mountain Drift King

Tianmenshan Mountain Drift King show is another amazing film by the Australian energy drink company Red Bull!

The stunninly beautiful Tianmenshan Mountain, located in the Hunan province of China has 99 bends and a hole cut through part of the mountain, which is named `The Doors To Heaven` This awesome road has to be every Drifters dream!

Two lucky drifters were chosen to battle it out for the title of “Tianmenshan Mountain Drift King” As per usual the film editing is great but brief……

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