Hunt The Shunt a Short Story

Hunt The Shunt a Short Story about the Legendary F1 driver James Hunt. His full name was `James Simon Wallis Hunt` and he earned the nickname `Hunt the Shunt`, due to his action packed exploits on track.

I thought everybody knew of or had heard of James Hunt but I’m surprised how many people I talk to about James Hunt either vaguely remember him, never heard of him? Or still thought he was alive……

Unfortunately James passed away on the 15th June 1993 at the young age of 45, from a heart attack!

James Hunt also had a reputation off track due to his antics as a bit of a playboy. As an old friend, Murray Walker once said, Hunt drank too much, smoked too much and womanised too much!

Here is a great little funny video of our beloved rogue, James Hunt in action!

The Shunt once punched a Marshall who was trying to help the dazed Hunt after crashing & walking out on to the track in the 1977 Canadian GP. Heehee they don’t make em` like they use to!

Imagine one of the current F1 stars doing that today, a big fine & probable ban, not that any of them would have the bollocks to do it! Hmmm, Well maybe the Ice man Kimi Räikkönen or the Spaniard Fernando Alonso! Sebastian Vettel? Nah, that bitch would get his famous finger broken… 😉

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Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova

Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova! Here is another mountain drifter or in this case a Drifting Bunny. This Bulgarian beauty is drifting in the mountains of Bulgaria.

This Lady Drifter is using her old Audi 90, 5 cylinder, turbo charged 2ltr, producing around 220bhp and has been converted from 4 wheel drive to rear wheel drive.

This is one lady drifter who is well capable of putting the men to shame!

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Bringing Back The Touge From Norway

Bringing Back The Touge from Norway! This is a great video for all you Drifting fans out there. Filmed somewhere in the Eastern Hills of Norway. The winding mountain road were closed for this event, using an unusual choice of car.

I didn’t think any of these existed anymore, a Toyota Cressida! This of course was no ordinary Toyota, this Cressida is fitted with a 2JZ-GE engine producing around 200bhp and has some trick suspension.

The driver Fredrik Sørlie is a website designer and looks more like a lumberjack then a drifter. His lovely passenger, Veronica Jeanette `Cupcake`  seemed to be enjoying the drifting more then him.

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King Of The Ring The Final Chapter

King Of The Ring The Final Chapter at Arena Essex, October the 5th. This would be the final King of the Ring for 2013! I got here early for this one. Arrived at 4.30 with my sister Caroline. Sambo followed me down with Amber. The queue to get in was pretty long…..but soon everyone was in!

Drifting at King of the Ring

Got to the gate, signed in and headed down to the pits to tape up the lights on the Beamer. I was surprised that there wasn’t more cars here but I’m sure that more would be coming!!!

Sunsetting on king of the ring

The time was now 5pm, this would be Caroline’s 1st time out for a passenger ride & she was looking really forward to it!! We drove up to the non members lane that was still empty, time to get out there and do some drifting!! Continue reading

Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King

Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King, I think not! This is the latest of Ken Blocks amazing videos! There is no deniying he is a skillful driver but Drift King, No….

Many people refer to Block as the Drift King but that title belongs to Keiichi Tsuchiya, the original Drift King!

Im not slagging Ken boy of but the cars he uses for his movies from Scoobys to Fiestas, have over 600bhp, 4wd and weigh next to nothing. Been 4wd the cars are never going to be true drift machines.

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Guinness World Record For Fastest Drift

Guinness World Record For Fastest Drift has been set by Polish Racing driver Kuba Przygonski using a Toyota GT86 with over 1000BHP.

The record was done on Sept the 3rd at an ex military airport in Balia Podlaska in Poland. Kuba managed an average drift speed of 136mph with an entry speed of 159mph!!!

Although it is an official Guinness world record, I would hardly go as far as to call it a full on proper drift? Its more like a long power slide, to be quite honest, I reckon I could of done just as well. Still the record stands…..

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Drift Practice at Essex Arena after KOTR

Drift Practice at Essex Arena after KOTR on Sept the 11th! Me, Marsh and JT were still fired up from King of the Ring and wanted more drifting fun!! Simon took Martins E36 328i at 4pm to the drift practice, he wanted to get some runs in before we got there, we were leaving at 6pm!

After he got there he called Martin to tell him there was a Big man with a pony tail in the queue to sign in behind him & he was feeling intimidated, ahhaha we were pissing our selves laughing!

Then 15 minutes later he phoned saying he was too afraid to go out on track as they were all maniacs, just too funny! Simon said he would wait for us to come.

At 6pm we headed for the petrol station to get ripped of, then we were on the road! Martin had Simon’s Navara pick up, Jt had his newly acquired 520i beamer & I had my E30 beast! Lets just say it wasn’t a leisurely drive to Essex Arena, still we got there pretty quickly. 😉

Went upstairs to the bar to sign in & met Simon there. He looked quite sheepish saying that it was more like banger racing then drifting!

He had been chatting to a couple drivers in the pits and they were telling him to watch out for this car & that car as they would just take him out for the fun of it! Sounded like Marsh was out already, hehe!

I believe they were just winding him up. 😉 Although I was getting a little concerned, didn’t want my E30 getting smashed up!

Anyhow we signed in and taped up our lights before joining the line for our 1st Drift practice!

drifting at essex arena

drifting at essex arena

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Red Bull Soapbox Race

Red Bull Soapbox Race returns to London! After 9 years the Soapbox race is back on at the famous London landmark, Alexandra Palace.

There will be an estimated 20,000 people attending this exciting, fun event, which includes a music festival. With the lovely sunny weather we have been having lately, this would be a great venue for a day out!

This video is last years 2012 Soapbox Race in Dallas, this will give you a taster of what to expect……….. 🙂

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