Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drifting

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drifting. The 70s 426ci Dodge Challenger R/T is one of my all time favorite Muscle Cars! The new Dodge Challenger although I do like it has lost some of its character, as is usual with most modern day remakes of Legendary cars.

Until now, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is what a Muscle Car is all about!

The SRT® Hellcat is out of the proverbial bag. 707 horsepower. Has a nice ring to it. And it has a bite that you won’t believe. Power. Period. End of discussion. A red key unlocks the full potential of this American dream. Once you hear the power, there’s no turning back.

Old vs New, a quarter mile challenge with Garage Monkeys Richard Rawlings in the Hellcat Challenger & Dennis Collins in the Original Dodge Challenger 426ci

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Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction

Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction, what would you go for? Are you a Big Block drifter or Strap On Powered drifter?

There are always two sides to a coin!

With a big V8 you pretty much have power when ever you slam down the throttle, big V8 equals big torque, which is available from way low down in the revs range! Don’t forget the Noise from a mighty V8 is hard to beat…..

There isn’t really any disadvantages when running a V8 in your drift missile & if needs be you can also bolt on a couple turbos giving mind blowing power!!!

On the other hand a boosted engine can be tuned to produce massive BHP and big Big Torque figures but in a much narrower rev range then a V8. A disadvantage with the turbo powered car is that you will have to work harder at maintaining drifts but many drifters like this extra challenge.

At the end of the day its what ever gets you going, many people like myself just love the thunderous rumble you get from the mighty V8s others love the surging, pops, bangs and flames from a boosted motor and some love to mix the two together!!!

Let me know in the comments below what you would have in your Drift Missile, a Big Rumbling V8 or Flame throwing boosted motor???

Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung DWYB

Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung DWYB. Let the good times Roll. Finally I get to go to the Pod, although I was not feeling too good at all. Had a damned nasty ticklish cough that I have had for over a week now & just cant shake the damn thing of……

Arrived at 10am, got there in 2 hours, there was just a little traffic on the way, Missed an hours worth of drift practice & the drivers briefing but asked the ticket man whats what, when I Signed in.

He just said there were several play pens. Start with the  smaller pens, where you can practice doughnuts, figure of 8s & drifting between cones.

Then there were the bigger play pens, the 1st one has a pair of cones about 8ft apart for you to drift between.The next bigger pen had cones laid out in the shape of a kidney, for you to drift around. You had to go on this one to prove you are competent at drifting before moving on to the advanced track!

The Advanced track is laid out like one of the EDC (European Drift Championship ) Tracks…… awesome stuff, couldn’t wait!

As I went he said to just Have Fun!;) Ohh yes I intend to bud…..

Next I found a parking spot, it was a long way of as all the good spots had gone. Unloaded all my tyres & tools before setting up the GoPro & Ghost HD action cams!

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Keep Drifting Fun – Outsiders Japan

Keep Drifting Fun – The Outsiders Japan! The other day I found a little Gem of a video, called The Ugly Duckling and now I found this large Gem of a video, Outsiders Japan! I cant believe I haven’t seen it before but when I started watching Outsiders Japan, I was hooked!

This was filmed in 2011 by Driftworks, featuring Phil Morrison & James Robinson, who take a tour of Japans Drift scene. This is a great documentary for anyone, drift fans or not. It was beautifully shot, with a great soundtrack & gives an interesting insight into the Japanese drifting culture.

Japan has always been at the forefront of drifting. The Japanese always Keep Drifting Fun, from drifting in the city streets to the Touge Passes from the mountains or the dedicated drift tracks all around Japan.

They just drift for the pure thrill of it, not for the glory, the fame, the money or the sponsors! The Driftworks crew visit drift teams from the big to the small, Bee*R, Mind Control, Kids Heart, 326 Power and V-Factory. They visit many places including Bihoku, Suzuka Twin and Meihan, plus the crazy city of Nagoya! Continue reading

British Drift Championship 2013 Review

British Drift Championship 2013 Review. Although the British Drifting scene is coming along in leaps and bounds & the quality of drifters & cars has stepped up to another level altogether, there is a little problem.

The TV coverage is still somewhat lacking. Motors TV been the only channel broadcasting the BDC. Needs to be more mainstream & on for longer to fit more drift action in. Hopefully things will improve in 2014!

The BDC needs to get onto some of the Bigger tracks of the UK, like Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Snetterton etc to get more recognition & draw in some bigger sponsorship deals. And they need to add a couple more rounds to the season…. 🙂

Its a bit hit & miss trying to watch the BDC on Motors TV & the coverage & production of the show is pretty poor! To be honest its shit! The commentators get on my tits & they only show some snippets of the actual drifting & they talk too much shite, often leaving the viewer unsure of whats going on!

Sadly it has a long, long way to go before they come anyway near the level of the Drift scene in Europe or the USA.

Round 1 at Lydden Hill, the 1st competition of the season. I went to see this event which was pretty damn good.

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The Ugly Duckling Drifter

The Ugly Duckling Drifter. This awesome short film about two mates wondering what to do on a quiet day, sound interesting? Well probably not but you just have to watch it….you will be amazed.

Its like one of them days we all have at some point in our lives, talking to a mate about how we often plan to do things, what we could or should do but never end up doing it…..

The story is fun, the filming, the editing, the music and best of all, the Drifting is so damn awesome, I love it! The star of the film is an old beaten up e36 BMW 325i, Filmed in Lithuania by amateur drifters Norbefilms. Great stuff.

I really enjoyed this short film, there is so much crap on YouTube these days, then all of a sudden you find a gem like this, if only there was more great little movies like this…..if you do find any just send them to me. 😉

Drifting The European Way – Drift Allstars

Drifting The European Way – Drift Allstars, Drifting with style & passion! This championship gets bigger and Bigger every year! 2014 is going to be massive, Hugely massive….

Here we have is a great video showing the high lights from round 3 of Drift Allstars at Latvia from the 2013 season.

For 2014 there will be over 100 drivers from over 7 country’s competing in the Drift Allstars series. This series will also consist of 2 street circuits which are always a big hit with the fans & drivers.

The amount of media coverage at these events is massive. At some events the public roads are partially closed & the drifters get a police escort through the streets, you gotta love it!!!

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Cannonball Run Record Broken Again

Cannonball Run Record Broken Again. The date, Oct 20th 2013, with a time of 28 hours & 51 minutes! This was achieved by Ed Bolian & Co-driver Dave Black, driving a heavily modified Mercedes CL55 AMG, with all types of scanners, Jammers, chargers & navigation equipment. The AMG powered Merc was even fitted with an additional 44 gallon fuel tanks mounted in the boot to reduce stoppage times!

Bolian, a 28-year-old Atlanta native, had long dreamed of racing from East Coast to West. A decade ago, for a high school assignment, Bolian interviewed Brock Yates, who conceived the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, aka the Cannonball Run.

Ed Bolian & Dave Black broke the previous Cannonball Run record of 31 hours & 4 minutes from 2006, which was held by Alex Roy & co-driver David Maher.

Alex Roy & David Maher raced from the East cost of America to the west coast using a E39 BMW M5 disguised as German police car. The car was fitted with every conceivable Police scanners, laser jammers, radar detectors etc & even had infrared night vision camera allowing the pair to drive across areas with no lights on!!! They even had a small plane flying in front as a spotter…..

This book written by Alexander Roy is a great read & highly recomended, The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World

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