Tianmenshan Mountain Drift King

Tianmenshan Mountain Drift King show is another amazing film by the Australian energy drink company Red Bull!

The stunninly beautiful Tianmenshan Mountain, located in the Hunan province of China has 99 bends and a hole cut through part of the mountain, which is named `The Doors To Heaven` This awesome road has to be every Drifters dream!

Two lucky drifters were chosen to battle it out for the title of “Tianmenshan Mountain Drift King” As per usual the film editing is great but brief……

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Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova

Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova! Here is another mountain drifter or in this case a Drifting Bunny. This Bulgarian beauty is drifting in the mountains of Bulgaria.

This Lady Drifter is using her old Audi 90, 5 cylinder, turbo charged 2ltr, producing around 220bhp and has been converted from 4 wheel drive to rear wheel drive.

This is one lady drifter who is well capable of putting the men to shame!

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Bringing Back The Touge From Norway

Bringing Back The Touge from Norway! This is a great video for all you Drifting fans out there. Filmed somewhere in the Eastern Hills of Norway. The winding mountain road were closed for this event, using an unusual choice of car.

I didn’t think any of these existed anymore, a Toyota Cressida! This of course was no ordinary Toyota, this Cressida is fitted with a 2JZ-GE engine producing around 200bhp and has some trick suspension.

The driver Fredrik Sørlie is a website designer and looks more like a lumberjack then a drifter. His lovely passenger, Veronica Jeanette `Cupcake`  seemed to be enjoying the drifting more then him.

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Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King

Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King, I think not! This is the latest of Ken Blocks amazing videos! There is no deniying he is a skillful driver but Drift King, No….

Many people refer to Block as the Drift King but that title belongs to Keiichi Tsuchiya, the original Drift King!

Im not slagging Ken boy of but the cars he uses for his movies from Scoobys to Fiestas, have over 600bhp, 4wd and weigh next to nothing. Been 4wd the cars are never going to be true drift machines.

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Guinness World Record For Fastest Drift

Guinness World Record For Fastest Drift has been set by Polish Racing driver Kuba Przygonski using a Toyota GT86 with over 1000BHP.

The record was done on Sept the 3rd at an ex military airport in Balia Podlaska in Poland. Kuba managed an average drift speed of 136mph with an entry speed of 159mph!!!

Although it is an official Guinness world record, I would hardly go as far as to call it a full on proper drift? Its more like a long power slide, to be quite honest, I reckon I could of done just as well. Still the record stands…..

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Action cameras, where do you stick yours

Action cameras, where do you stick yours….. The GoPro Action video cameras use to be at the top of the game of Action video cams but now there is a lot more to choose from. Is the GoPro still the best of the best? Read on, to find out more.

When you search on you tube you may of noticed the many extraordinary videos, with video footage from extreme sports like, Mountain biking, Skydiving, Surfing, Snowboarding to unusual video footage of cameras mounted on remote control vehicles like Helicopters, Cars, Skateboards and some even mounted on pets……etc.

This video will give you some Idea how versatile these action cams are but to get the full benefits you may have to treat yourself to some exotic holidays, some time skiing on the piste maybe hire a plane or helicopter, do a spot of downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, some surfing with scantily clad women or just strap one to a super bike or Drifting Machine…… 🙂

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Pikes Peak Record Smashed by Loeb

Pikes Peak Record Smashed by Loeb. Last month, June the 30th, Sebastian Loeb broke the record for the “unlimited Class” Pikes Peak Hill Climb with a time of 8m 13.878sec, in a highly modified 875bhp Peugeot 208. Loeb averaged speeds of over 87mph in the race, beating Rhys Millen the previous record holder by 1m 32.286sec.

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Drift Battle BMW Vs Plane

Drift Battle BMW Vs Plane. I’m not too sure how this is classed as a drift battle but the video is pretty damn cool and has some Great camera work…..Judging by the video, the BMW and the plane are playing Tic, Tac, Toe???

After all that fun, looks like a draw 😉 Here you can see another amazing DOTZ TV Drift Team video from the 2012 King of Europe, drift championship in Poland, featuring many great Bimmers and some amazing drifting action. Continue reading