Armless Man Drifting

Armless Man Drifting

This has to be seen to be believed! Armless Man Drifting, There are many skillful drivers, drifters and race drivers out there but this Polish drifter Bartek Ostalowski takes things to another level altogether.

Drifting requires a lot of skill and if you thought drifting was some kind of dark art try doing it with No arms!

Bartek who is only 26 years old had to have his arms amputated 10 years ago after a bad accident, although this didn’t hold him back and through sheer determination, hard work and currently using a highly modified R34 Nissan Skyline, powered by a LS V8 engine, he is a Armless Man Drifting like no other!

Say no more, watch this inspirational video of the young polish drifter in action……

Bartek is probably the only Armless Man Drifting professionally, he now competes in the Polish Cup and competes in Rally cross! Bartek uses his shoulders to change gears and feet to steer, uses the throttle, brakes & foot operated hand brake!

Here we have more Drifting action from Bartosz Ostalowski……who still amazes me, Bartosz puts many many able bodied people to shame, especially the whingers and moaners who say I cant do this, I’m not able to do that…….Really, more like they cant be bothered or don’t even try…….

Reminds me of a motor bike racer, Danny Campion who had his right leg amputated & lost the use of his right arm after a bike accident. Seen him a few years back at the BHP Car show at Lydden Hill race circuit in Canterbury.

It was truly inspirational to see this man ride his modified Yamaha R1 around Lydden Hill. He also regularly competes at various motorbike racing events around England. You can follow Danny on face book here, Danny Campion

Do you know any people who haven’t let there disability hold them back from following there dreams and instead of giving up and doing nothing they continue to defy belief and Carry on!!!

Please share and let me know your thoughts in the comments below……and next time you say I cant or couldn’t do this or that…..Think again!!!


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