Ford Focus RS Drift Mode

Thats right the Ford Focus RS Drift Mode turns this great hatchback into a drift missile.

The 2016 all wheel drive, 350bhp Ford has a switch to choose from Normal -for everyday driving, Sport Рthat stiffens the shocks for faster driving, Track Рthat changes esc settings further for Track days and finally DRIFT Рthat sends  most of the cars power to the rear wheels giving people the chance to drift like a pro.

In the video Below the old Stig Ben Collins explains the Ford Focus RS Drift Mode…..

The Ford Focus RS Drift mode makes it so easy to drift even a novice could do some decent drifts. Although drifting is possible in the Focus, it’s the car doing the work not the driver.

The Ford uses a number of clutches and some clever electronics to enable most people to drift but if that novice drifter was put into a proper drift car with RWD (rear wheel drive), Limited slip diff or welded drift, you can be pretty sure they would be spinning of in a cloud of smoke of track, in to the barriers or into a lamppost or tree if they tried this on the road.

There has also been quite a bit of criticism at Ford from the press who say that this Drift mode will encourage drivers to drive like irresponsible idiots on the public roads. This maybe true to some degree but that type of driver is going to drive like a fool no matter what they would be driving.

Read the killjoy full report here

And here we see a twat showing How to not to drift a Focus….

Besides the amazingly fun Drift mode, this Ford RS is a very practical car, with 4 doors, room for passengers and plenty luggage space. This blue ovaled rocket would also show up a lot of more powerful and faster cars on the track and road.

What views do you have on this Beast of a Ford? Would you buy this super hot hatch for £35,000?

What other car could you buy for this money that will give you this much fun and embarrass many super cars costing a whole lot more?

Dirte RS Focus Drift

Drift mode focus rs



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