Goodwood Drifting

Goodwood Drifting, that’s correct this years Goodwood festival of speed will for the 1st time have a category for drifting. The Goodwood drifting is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

This year is the 1st time that Goodwood has acknowledged drifting as a motorsport. Although drifting has been around for many years in the UK it is only in the past few years that the sport has been growing in popularity in the UK.

Drifting is a fast growing form of motorsport in the UK and will only get bigger and better as the popularity grows!

`Mad Mike` Whiddet at Goodwood last year will be back to smoke up Goodwood again this year, amongst other Drift stars…..

The 2015 Goodwood Drifting event will see many stars from the drift world displaying there skills up the narrow twisting hill climb course.

Top drivers like Ken Block and “Mad” Mike Whiddett have since become stars and celebrities in drifting circles, and Goodwood has decided that the time is right to recognise the sport’s place in the pantheon of motorsport.

The Drift Allstars will also be there putting on live action drift displays in a dedicated arena. This will be a must see at this years Festival of Speed!

If you have never been to the Goodwood Festival of Speed before or have always intended to, this year would be a great year to go.

The Goodwood circuit also offers a Drift experience where you can take one of their Toyota GT86 on there specially prepared low grip surface for some drifting fun. Here you can get a taste of drifting for yourself in a safe controlled environment.

Have you been to Goodwood Festival of Speed before? Are you looking forward to the Goodwood Drifting this year?

What was your favourite part of this amazing event or what do you think could be done to improve the event?

For me it was the 2 & a half hour f`ing cue to get in to the event that needs improving!

Apart from that it was a great day and a massive event, that all motor heads need to see at least once in there lifetime…..

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