Grid 2 Be Prepared Pre Order

Grid 2 Be Prepared Pre Order

As you most probably already know, Grid 2 will be out at the end of the month. So get Grid 2 Be Prepared Pre Order Now. You can choose from Street Racing, Road Racing or Track Racing and of Course Drift Racing

Codemasters has finally concurred with what we’ve been saying for years. “While most devs seem to think ‘more content = better game’, the opposite is often true.” As a result, they say they are ‘not playing the numbers game’. Everything that’s been included is there because the team deems it worthy. There’s no fluff or Premium/Standard divide. It’s top quality or nothing at all.

The aim is ‘Total Race Day Immersion’. To create a racing game that gives you heart-pounding action every second of the way. We’re not talking about artificial, scripted events or cheap camera-shaking effects to give an impression of speed. We’re talking about the roar of the crowd, the smoke from screaming tyres. Rivalries that develop organically between you and the other drivers depending on how much or how little respect you show them. This is all about the race. The glory, the spectacle and the danger.

Full Review here from Gamesradar

A new multiplayer feature is `Live Routes`, when you race with up to 12 other players, the track will change and modify, taking you through a combination of different routes. This means winning races will come down to your driving skills rather then learning the routes, putting more emphasis on your driving skill.

Codemasters have also got a system in the game called, `The Impact Rating` which determines if a player causes pile ups or drives dirty and will match them up with similar players. Impact rating will also try and stop the people who Cheat by cutting corners, taking short cuts and ramming opponents of track. This should ensure more closely matched online racing for every one!

Game Features

  • Advanced AI with aggressive, blockbuster races packed with wow moments
  • Race your way to the top of a new world of motor sport
  • A Separate online campaign redefines multi-player racing games, with full RaceNet integration
  • Jaw dropping damage and stunning visuals!
  • A vast range of iconic cars that represent the best cars from the last 40 years
  • With licensed tracks, stunningly realised city streets and lethal mountain roads
  • Prove your the Best, winning events across three continents
  • The long-awaited sequel to the BAFTA multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID

You can pre-order Grid 2 here and get it a day or two before it comes out in the shops! Grid 2 – Race Day Edition – Pre Order Now!!

Pre Order and recieve Exlusive Extras

  • INDY CAR RACING with the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway & Dallara IndyCar!
  • Contains 2 routes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (not available in the standard game)
  • Exclusive Dallara IndyCar and the IndyCar Pace car, both available in single race and multiplayer, plus a special online event.
  • GTR RACING Includes YAS Marina Track at daytime & Nissan GT-R SpecV
  • ContainS 5 routes at the YAS Marina Circuit at daytime (not available in the standard game)
  • exclusive Nissan GT-R SpecV road car, both available in single race and multiplayer, plus a special online event.


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