Ken Block’s 2013 Seoul Experience

Ken Block’s 2013 Seoul Experience

For all you Ken Block Fans, we have his latest video, Ken Block’s 2013 Seoul Experience. Ken is most likely known for his Gymkhana videos but he has had a lot of success with his passion for Rally Driving.

As you may or may not know, in 2005, Ken Block decided to take up Rally driving in America. Using a Subaru WRX STi with the Vermont Sports Car team, by the end of his first year rallying, Ken Block won the `Rally America` rookie of the year award!

In the years to follow Ken entered numerous X-Games Rally events, getting bronze, silver`s, he also continued with the `Rally America` championships placing 3rd  and 2nd overall over the years and also competing in the `Canadian Rally Championship` and some WRC `World Rally Championship events, including the WRC of Mexico and New Zealand, with mixed results!

In 2010 he made the switch from his trustee Subaru`s to the Monster sponsored Ford Fiesta to compete in the WRC `World Rally Championship` while at the same time competing in his 6th season of the `Rally America Championship`.

Ken Block has also been heavily involved in the Playstation 3 & Xbox games, Colin Mcrae: Dirt 2 along with his Subaru Rally Team USA Impreza and in Dirt 3 he is featured as a driver and Gymkhana teacher with his Monster World Rally Team vehicles available to use in the games!!

Here is Ken Block’s 2013 Seoul Experience




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