Mad Mike Drifts Badbul

Mad Mike Drifts Badbul in South Africa. That’s right Mad Mike Whiddett and Redbull have made another stylish drifting video along Franschhoek Pass. Whiddett tore up the 9 mile long mountain pass hitting speeds of 154mph in on a road which normally has a speed limit of 60mph!

“There is only so much you can do before you arrive,” explains Kiwi drifter Mad Mike Whiddett. “Google earth, some photos, maps – you know – that sort of thing. With most of the stuff we’re doing, something like Franschhoek Pass, you only really get a feel for it once on the ground.

Watch Mad Mikes video below, Using Badbul, his monster quad rotor engined Mazda RX-8, putting out over 800 screaming bhp

Mad Mike has done a few promotional drifting vids over the past few years. One of my favourites was “Conquer The Crown” which was done in New Zealand.

A few months ago Mike was in Britain drifting the Magic roundabout in Swindon, a series of believe it or not 6 mini roundabouts all linked together and the name Magic Roundabout is the actual name and it does make you wonder what they were smoking when they came up with the idea for these roundabouts

You can find out more about this drifting kiwi Here

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