Russian Speed Humps

Russian Speed Humps in 2025, back to the future? Yes its more crazy stuff from Russia with love! Odd things seem to happen on Russian roads every day.

Watch this video that appears to be set in the future in the year 2025. Seems like road safety in future Russia has not changed a lot from the present day, as these poor cows found out.

It appears that the poor dumb driver is more stunned and shocked than the love struck cow. She just calmly picks her self of and trots of with her lover in hot pursuit. Maybe the randy couple will be more discreet in future and not get jiggy jiggy in the middle of the public highway next time?

Warning Humping Cows

It seems like many of these Russian drivers are just fed up with life or very poor drivers? If I’m not mistaken, many of these accidents seem to happen on straight roads or in traffic. This makes me wonder if it is actually poor driving or poorly built or maintained cars?

I will let you make your own mind up after you watch the footage below of more of these crazy Ivans……

To be honest, I think the animals have more road sense then the people in Russia!

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