What is a Ricer

What is a Ricer? You may of heard or seen the word Ricer been mentioned on or off the internet. You may be wondering what a Ricer is? Wonder no more my friend, wonder no more. Here you will find out all about the dreaded Ricer.

I use to think a Ricer was some fool with a Japanese import with a 5″ or bigger Exhaust tail pipe that sounded like shit, all noise and no go, trying to look Fast & Furious. I was close but it goes much deeper, Much, much deeper then that!

Ricer comes from the Latin word Ricarius, meaning to `Suck at Everything`

A dickhead car enthusiast who makes stupid and pointless modifications to there pride & joy, to basically make it look faster but go slower! The Ricer will spend more money to make there car look faster instead of spending money to make actually it go quicker & fail miserably in the process.

The Ricers basic performance upgrades, sorry I mean downgrades, will be a cheap K&N imitation air filter, the Bigger the better (not), some will tell you the cone filter is a Hybrid Turbo, giving them an estimated 100 to 500BHP….

The biggest back exhaust pipe (Fart Cannon) they can get onto there standard 1″ exhaust pipe, that will sound like shit, another 250BHP bro, some bright coloured silicone hoses under the bonnet, another 80BHP dude.

The finishing touches, a load of stickers such as Nos, Sparco, Greddy, HKS, K&N etc that will give them between 20 to 80bhp extra per sticker!

Ahhahhaha toooo funny!!

They will swear blind that these parts will add another 600+BHP, when in truth it would of lost about 10+bhp from there stock 1.4i 80bhp Civic or whatever stock piece of crap Riced up motor they own!

Signs your a ricer

  • You claim your engine has twice as much horsepower as Torque
  • You believe having Nos, Sparco, Greddy stickers adds Horsepower
  • Cut the coil springs so low the car rides on the bump stops of your standard shocks
  • You have to drive around speed humps  so your car doesn’t get beached
  • You fit coloured bulbs to your head lights
  • You believe the noisier your exhaust the more power you have
  • Your engine has less torque then the amount of watts in your stereo
  • You wear your baseball cap backwards when you drive
  • Every Honda you own has a V-Tec or Type R badge/sticker
  • You remove the back seat to save weight then fit a massive 200Ilb rear spoiler
  • You try to buy a 1″ to 6″ exhaust adapter
  • You have more neon lights then a strip club
  • Neon inside the car or under the bonnet
  • Tell everyone you lost the cops with your driving skills in your 1.4i Civic
  • You have Lambo style doors fitted to your Riced up ride
  • Your wheels are worth more then your car
  • You believe that the More extreme Negative camber the better handling

I could go on and on and on but Hopefully you get the picture…..If not watch this video

Don’t do it, don’t become a ricer, Don’t go full retard and if you know someone who is or is showing signs of becoming a Ricer, Bitch slap that fool……Hard!

VTEC just kicked in, Yo! Don’t forget that the Ricer is also an extreme bullshitter and they actually believe what they are saying 🙂 Hey bro, you got Rice…..

A little quiz, Who the Ricer here??? Old Dude or the Young prick with the Focus

Well I would say the old guy with his Pink Puss is been the honest one and the twat with the piece of shit focus is one spoiler away from been a full blown Ricer.

Anyhow, what are your views on the Riced up generation of car tuners, do you know any of these fools? Please share with your friends to try and put a stop to this madness and feel free to leave your comments below, Ricers need not apply!!!

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