Pontiac Firebird 455ci

Done this beast up for a Customer of SE. Marsh gave me Raders moby number, I called him and he told me about this Pontiac he bought from ebay, which was an unfinished project, as you can see from the pictures very unfinished.

I went to have a look at the pontiac and agreed to take the project on. Done some research on it and it was an original Pontiac Firebird 455CI, which was very rare. The Engine that came with it was in bits with two sets of cylinder heads.

100_0271100_0266DSC00395The Big Block

53HF0009 Pontiac trans am (12) Pontiac trans am (16) 53SF0040 100_1310 100_1317 Picture_0642 DSC00040_2 Picture_0643 100_1491 100_1510 DSC00394Then it was time for the body shop

7f0b_1 7fe7_1All Done!! Unfortunately I didn’t get to drive this Big Block Beast, what a great pity…

Mad Mex

The V Dub Jetta 16valve

Stock Hatch XR2s

Bimmer e30 325i Coupe`

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