Close Shaves With Rally Cars

There are many many people who have Close Shaves With Rally Cars, that’s right the stupid fans who at times get too close for comfort.

We all love to get close to the action in our beloved sports but most people wouldn’t put themselves in direct danger, would they?

Well it’s a different story when it comes to Rally fans. Most rally drivers are highly skilled drivers but when driving on the limits of man & machine on unpredictable roads or dirt/gravel tracks, things can and often do go wrong.

Some close shaves with rally cars (warning! scenes of stupid people getting run over)

Who is to blame here?

Surely not the driver who is on the very limit, trying to shave split seconds of there time….No, the driver doesn’t expect to see a bunch of idiots blocking the road on a blind bend or crest!

The organises and marshalls putting on these events…..No, they can’t be every where at the same time!

That just leaves the foolish spectators. Yes, there fools risk life and limb to over step the line between safety and stupidity

Back to the time of the high powered Group B Rally cars, these Rally cars were getting faster and faster but compared to modern day rally cars we’re unsophisticated with conventional types differentials and suspension.

If you missed out on these exciting times in Rallying you can find more here

Group B Lancia 037

Legendary Lancia 037 group B rally car

At these times it was a bad combination of stupid foolish crazy spectators and with the high power and speeds of these group B Rally cars, well it was only a matter of time not when…..

Unfortunately that time was realised on the 1996 Portugal rally when a Ford RS200 group B rally car, driven by a rally driver with little experience in a group B car, came around a corner out of control at high speed only to be met with a crowd of people blocking the road!

With no where to go the car ploughed into the crowd sending bodies flying through the air.

Warning: Original video of the crash where people died in this accident!

This was a grim time for the sport but even today with higher safety standards you will always find idiots who find a way to get toooo close to the action…..

What are your views on these fools who believe they are heros if they can touch with hand or foot a speeding rally car? Please share and leave your comments below…..

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