What is a Ricer

What is a Ricer? You may of heard or seen the word Ricer been mentioned on or off the internet. You may be wondering what a Ricer is? Wonder no more my friend, wonder no more. Here you will find out all about the dreaded Ricer.

I use to think a Ricer was some fool with a Japanese import with a 5″ or bigger Exhaust tail pipe that sounded like shit, all noise and no go, trying to look Fast & Furious. I was close but it goes much deeper, Much, much deeper then that!

Ricer comes from the Latin word Ricarius, meaning to `Suck at Everything`

A dickhead car enthusiast who makes stupid and pointless modifications to there pride & joy, to basically make it look faster but go slower! The Ricer will spend more money to make there car look faster instead of spending money to make actually it go quicker & fail miserably in the process.

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Goodwood Drifting

Goodwood Drifting, that’s correct this years Goodwood festival of speed will for the 1st time have a category for drifting. The Goodwood drifting is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

This year is the 1st time that Goodwood has acknowledged drifting as a motorsport. Although drifting has been around for many years in the UK it is only in the past few years that the sport has been growing in popularity in the UK.

Drifting is a fast growing form of motorsport in the UK and will only get bigger and better as the popularity grows!

`Mad Mike` Whiddet at Goodwood last year will be back to smoke up Goodwood again this year, amongst other Drift stars…..

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VW Passat Drift Car

VW Passat Drift Car with 900BHP! An unusual choice for a drift car seeing as they are a front wheel drive car but this is no ordinary VW Passat!

This VW Passat Drift Car would be used to compete in 3 Formula Drift events this season in 2015 and would be driven by Tanner Foust.

Tanner Foust should be a familiar name to Drifting fans, although he hasn’t competed since 2010. Tanner is well known in America, is one of the hosts on the American version of Top Gear also a 3 times winner of Global Rally Cross championship and a stunt driver. Foust is also making a return to Formula Drift this year competing in select events. Continue reading

Matt Powers Drifts In Virtual Reality

Matt Powers Drifts In Virtual Reality using the Oculus Rift DK2 Virtual Reality Headset
to promote Castrol EDGE oils in this amazing virtual reality video.

Simply put the creators of this video turn a Rousch Stage 3 Mustang into a virtual controller. They connect various sensors to the Mustang measuring, throttle, braking & steering input as well as many other sensors to map a virtual world of Formula Drift driver Matt Powers in Virtual Reality.

We’re still a while away from driving with Oculus Rift but the video offers an exciting glimpse at what virtual reality could hold for the future. Imagine a firefighter using this technology for training purposes or maybe a more everyday use like entertaining kids on a long road trip.

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Mercedes Drift Missile

Mercedes Drift Missile V12 C600 beast! There are not many C Class Mercs around on the drift scene. Well what if you decide to drop a V12 lump into a C class? That is exactly what Amon Oliver decided to do πŸ™‚

Fitting a W120 V12 engine mated to a BMW 530D gearbox into a C class might seem to be more effort then its worth but for this man Amon Oliver who is clearly a big fan of Mercedes, nothing else would do.

Looking at the results it does look to be highly entertaining.

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The Best Movie Car Chases

The Best Movie Car Chases ever? From the Daddy of car chase movies, the 1968 film Bulitt starring Steve McQueen, followed by the 1971 classic `Vanishing Point` & 1974 original `Gone In 60 Seconds` to the modern day movies such as James Blonds Craig Daniel `Quantum of Solace` and the many many car chase movies in between. Which one is the best?

Lets face it, with peoples differing opinions there is never going to be an all time definite list of the best car chases!

Then we also have the slapstick comedy type car chases with films like The Blues Brothers, Cannonball Run, Smokey and the Bandit, Pineapple express, Taxi & not the shite American remake with queen Latifah, etc, etc.

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Ramona Rusu Drifting

Ramona Rusu Drifting in her S60 4.0 V8 powered E30! This Romanian beauty has been competing in the Queen of Europe drift series and 3 other Drift championships including “King of Europe” since 2013 in her beautifully prepared V8 powered E30.

Drift Girl Ramona has been highly competitive from the start of her drifting career finishing on the podium on most of her runs.

“For quite some time now, Ramona Rusu has been winning all sorts of drifting competitions around Europe, most of the times going up against guys that were really blown away by what she could do. Starting off with a Miata she eventually upgraded to the king of drifting, the E30 3 Series.”


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Crazy Drifting at Lydden Hill

Crazy Drifting at Lydden Hill. I thought Norfolk Arena Drift Practice was drifting fun at it’s best and it was great fun but this one at Lydden may of topped Norfolk Arena.
It was an eventful day to say the least……

It was a wet start at Lydden on the 26th of April but I was sure it was going to brighten up as the day went on! Had some wet sessions in the morning with my Blister Caz, which was great apart from not getting a full lap……drifters spinning of every damned where….

My bruv & Karen arrived around 11’ish. Got a text from Stel to say that she was on her way with a BBQ πŸ˜‰ Things were looking brighter already!!!

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