BMW E30 M52 328i Engine Swap Complete

BMW E30 M52 328i Engine Swap Complete, almost! Just a few finishing touches & the beast is back! That was the plan but you know what they say about the best laid plans……. So when things don’t go to plan, Suck it up and make a new plan! So it was plan B and at times, plan C!

A couple things you will need is Patience and Persistence……….You will get there in the end 😉

BMW E30 M52

The 1st job to do was to get the electric fan wired up & fitted to the radiator. Should take about an hour, hmmm, I think not, time for plan B!

I got one of them cheap fan fitting kits of eBay, where you put cable like ties through the rad and the fan but read a lot of bad things about em. So decided to make some brackets instead. Continue reading