The Best Movie Car Chases

The Best Movie Car Chases ever? From the Daddy of car chase movies, the 1968 film Bulitt starring Steve McQueen, followed by the 1971 classic `Vanishing Point` & 1974 original `Gone In 60 Seconds` to the modern day movies such as James Blonds Craig Daniel `Quantum of Solace` and the many many car chase movies in between. Which one is the best?

Lets face it, with peoples differing opinions there is never going to be an all time definite list of the best car chases!

Then we also have the slapstick comedy type car chases with films like The Blues Brothers, Cannonball Run, Smokey and the Bandit, Pineapple express, Taxi & not the shite American remake with queen Latifah, etc, etc.

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