Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drifting

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drifting. The 70s 426ci Dodge Challenger R/T is one of my all time favorite Muscle Cars! The new Dodge Challenger although I do like it has lost some of its character, as is usual with most modern day remakes of Legendary cars.

Until now, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is what a Muscle Car is all about!

The SRT® Hellcat is out of the proverbial bag. 707 horsepower. Has a nice ring to it. And it has a bite that you won’t believe. Power. Period. End of discussion. A red key unlocks the full potential of this American dream. Once you hear the power, there’s no turning back.

Old vs New, a quarter mile challenge with Garage Monkeys Richard Rawlings in the Hellcat Challenger & Dennis Collins in the Original Dodge Challenger 426ci

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