Father and Son Drifting

Father and Son Drifting fun. Is this the coolest dad ever? I reckon so, imagine when you were a 4 year old and your dad said “Son we are going drifting”. Most kids would of been over the moon….. Drifting would of been far better then any fair ride!.

Anton from Kazakhstan (Not related to Borat) took his 4 year old son out drifting over a year ago. Anton filmed the reactions with an on-board camera mounted on the dash and posted it on YouTube. Over a year later and this hilarious video has gone viral with over 1.6 million views.

Now a year later Anton has done another video with his drift loving son. This time the pair are drifting in Antons rwd subaru. Already the 2nd Father and son drift video has had over a million hits on YouTube.

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