Ken Block Gymkhana 9

Ken Block Gymkhana 9

Yes you’ve guessed it, Blocks 9th Gymkhana video….

You cannot not be impressed with Blocks driving skills, here in gymkhana 9 we have another one of Kens insane tire shredding, smoke filled videos!

Using & abusing his 600bhp powered Ford Focus RS that he was currently using in this years 2016 World Rallycross Championship.

Filmed at an abandoned industrial estate in Buffalo New York City, this isn’t as exotic as his recent videos like Los Angeles or Dhubia but Gymkhana 9 more then makes up for it with his insane driving.

Here we have it Ken Block Gymkhana 9, Enjoy!

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Ken Block Wild In The Streets

Ken Block Wild In The Streets of Los Angeles, Gymkhana 7 has arrived. Tearing up the streets of LA in a beast of a 4WD Mustang with 845HP. This is more like it, finally something new from Hoonigan and Ken Block.

Ken Blocks videos are always amazing to watch but this one Ken Block Wild In The Streets of LA is even better using this unique Mustang! It was getting less and less interesting seeing Block in big powered Fiestas time and time again!

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Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King

Ken Block Drift Car Dancing Drift King, I think not! This is the latest of Ken Blocks amazing videos! There is no deniying he is a skillful driver but Drift King, No….

Many people refer to Block as the Drift King but that title belongs to Keiichi Tsuchiya, the original Drift King!

Im not slagging Ken boy of but the cars he uses for his movies from Scoobys to Fiestas, have over 600bhp, 4wd and weigh next to nothing. Been 4wd the cars are never going to be true drift machines.

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Slow Motion Car Drifting

Slow Motion Car Drifting. The slow motion technology that is used a lot today from wildlife documentaries to all types of sports is great for showing what is actually going on during the action in milliseconds!

With the slow motion footage you are able to see things that you would not be able to see normally as it happens so fast. Lets face it, who doesn’t like to see the action in slow motion?

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Ken Block’s 2013 Seoul Experience

Ken Block’s 2013 Seoul Experience

For all you Ken Block Fans, we have his latest video, Ken Block’s 2013 Seoul Experience. Ken is most likely known for his Gymkhana videos but he has had a lot of success with his passion for Rally Driving.

As you may or may not know, in 2005, Ken Block decided to take up Rally driving in America. Using a Subaru WRX STi with the Vermont Sports Car team, by the end of his first year rallying, Ken Block won the `Rally America` rookie of the year award!

In the years to follow Ken entered numerous X-Games Rally events, getting bronze, silver`s, he also continued with the `Rally America` championships placing 3rd  and 2nd overall over the years and also competing in the `Canadian Rally Championship` and some WRC `World Rally Championship events, including the WRC of Mexico and New Zealand, with mixed results! Continue reading