Hunt The Shunt a Short Story

Hunt The Shunt a Short Story about the Legendary F1 driver James Hunt. His full name was `James Simon Wallis Hunt` and he earned the nickname `Hunt the Shunt`, due to his action packed exploits on track.

I thought everybody knew of or had heard of James Hunt but I’m surprised how many people I talk to about James Hunt either vaguely remember him, never heard of him? Or still thought he was alive……

Unfortunately James passed away on the 15th June 1993 at the young age of 45, from a heart attack!

James Hunt also had a reputation off track due to his antics as a bit of a playboy. As an old friend, Murray Walker once said, Hunt drank too much, smoked too much and womanised too much!

Here is a great little funny video of our beloved rogue, James Hunt in action!

The Shunt once punched a Marshall who was trying to help the dazed Hunt after crashing & walking out on to the track in the 1977 Canadian GP. Heehee they don’t make em` like they use to!

Imagine one of the current F1 stars doing that today, a big fine & probable ban, not that any of them would have the bollocks to do it! Hmmm, Well maybe the Ice man Kimi Räikkönen or the Spaniard Fernando Alonso! Sebastian Vettel? Nah, that bitch would get his famous finger broken… 😉

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