Ken Block Wild In The Streets

Ken Block Wild In The Streets of Los Angeles, Gymkhana 7 has arrived. Tearing up the streets of LA in a beast of a 4WD Mustang with 845HP. This is more like it, finally something new from Hoonigan and Ken Block.

Ken Blocks videos are always amazing to watch but this one Ken Block Wild In The Streets of LA is even better using this unique Mustang! It was getting less and less interesting seeing Block in big powered Fiestas time and time again!

The sound of that V8 is like music to my ears……Luv it & lets face it, who doesn’t??? Continue reading

Drifting Mustangs With Vaughn Gittin Jr

Drifting Mustangs With Vaughn Gittin Jr. In this video you will get to see an amazing `69 Mustang Fastback` RTR-X (Ready To Rock) created by “Team Need For Speed” in conjunction with Vaughn gittin Jr!

The Mustang RTR-X is the complete package! With highly adjustable suspension, you can set it up for the road, take it to the race track or for a tyre shredding Drifting event……

Running a Ford 302ci Engine with racing fuel injection set up, this engine gives the Stang more than enough Horse Power for all the fun you will need…… this has got to be one of the coolest Mustangs I have ever seen. And its got the Go to go with the Looks!

Please let me know what you think of this drifting beast in the comments below and feel free to share this link on Face book or how ever else you see fit……