Arena Essex Drifting 2014

Arena Essex Drifting 2014, back for more drifting fun…… 1st bit of legal drifting this year. The 3.9 ratio Limited Slip Diff fitted, the Nardi imitation 350mm steering wheel fitted & Kenlowe elecy fan sorted. T dirte on route to the Arena with a full tank of Gogo juice, spotted another fellow drifter on his way with a Black e30 on his flat bed transit, thumbs up mate!

Is Marsh also on route in the SL55 AMG V8 Merc? I f`ing hope not…….Parked up at the Tavern & ran up stairs to get signed in & get my wristband. Run back down to the Beamer & of to the pits to tape the lights up!

Quick look around the pits & no JT or Marsh, looking good apart from the big queue of drifters. Got in line & set up the GoPro, not long now……. Continue reading