Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung DWYB

Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung DWYB. Let the good times Roll. Finally I get to go to the Pod, although I was not feeling too good at all. Had a damned nasty ticklish cough that I have had for over a week now & just cant shake the damn thing of……

Arrived at 10am, got there in 2 hours, there was just a little traffic on the way, Missed an hours worth of drift practice & the drivers briefing but asked the ticket man whats what, when I Signed in.

He just said there were several play pens. Start with theĀ  smaller pens, where you can practice doughnuts, figure of 8s & drifting between cones.

Then there were the bigger play pens, the 1st one has a pair of cones about 8ft apart for you to drift between.The next bigger pen had cones laid out in the shape of a kidney, for you to drift around. You had to go on this one to prove you are competent at drifting before moving on to the advanced track!

The Advanced track is laid out like one of the EDC (European Drift Championship ) Tracks…… awesome stuff, couldn’t wait!

As I went he said to just Have Fun!;) Ohh yes I intend to bud…..

Next I found a parking spot, it was a long way of as all the good spots had gone. Unloaded all my tyres & tools before setting up the GoPro & Ghost HD action cams!

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