Keep Drifting Fun – Outsiders Japan

Keep Drifting Fun – The Outsiders Japan! The other day I found a little Gem of a video, called The Ugly Duckling and now I found this large Gem of a video, Outsiders Japan! I cant believe I haven’t seen it before but when I started watching Outsiders Japan, I was hooked!

This was filmed in 2011 by Driftworks, featuring Phil Morrison & James Robinson, who take a tour of Japans Drift scene. This is a great documentary for anyone, drift fans or not. It was beautifully shot, with a great soundtrack & gives an interesting insight into the Japanese drifting culture.

Japan has always been at the forefront of drifting. The Japanese always Keep Drifting Fun, from drifting in the city streets to the Touge Passes from the mountains or the dedicated drift tracks all around Japan.

They just drift for the pure thrill of it, not for the glory, the fame, the money or the sponsors! The Driftworks crew visit drift teams from the big to the small, Bee*R, Mind Control, Kids Heart, 326 Power and V-Factory. They visit many places including Bihoku, Suzuka Twin and Meihan, plus the crazy city of Nagoya! Continue reading

Bringing Back The Touge From Norway

Bringing Back The Touge from Norway! This is a great video for all you Drifting fans out there. Filmed somewhere in the Eastern Hills of Norway. The winding mountain road were closed for this event, using an unusual choice of car.

I didn’t think any of these existed anymore, a Toyota Cressida! This of course was no ordinary Toyota, this Cressida is fitted with a 2JZ-GE engine producing around 200bhp and has some trick suspension.

The driver Fredrik Sørlie is a website designer and looks more like a lumberjack then a drifter. His lovely passenger, Veronica Jeanette `Cupcake`  seemed to be enjoying the drifting more then him.

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