Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction

Big Displacement Vs Forced Induction, what would you go for? Are you a Big Block drifter or Strap On Powered drifter?

There are always two sides to a coin!

With a big V8 you pretty much have power when ever you slam down the throttle, big V8 equals big torque, which is available from way low down in the revs range! Don’t forget the Noise from a mighty V8 is hard to beat…..

There isn’t really any disadvantages when running a V8 in your drift missile & if needs be you can also bolt on a couple turbos giving mind blowing power!!!

On the other hand a boosted engine can be tuned to produce massive BHP and big Big Torque figures but in a much narrower rev range then a V8. A disadvantage with the turbo powered car is that you will have to work harder at maintaining drifts but many drifters like this extra challenge.

At the end of the day its what ever gets you going, many people like myself just love the thunderous rumble you get from the mighty V8s others love the surging, pops, bangs and flames from a boosted motor and some love to mix the two together!!!

Let me know in the comments below what you would have in your Drift Missile, a Big Rumbling V8 or Flame throwing boosted motor???

Drift Practice at Lydden Hill 2014

Drift Practice at Lydden Hill, 15th Feb 2014. Arrived at 9:15am ……a little later then planned. Parked up in the pits & opposite me was Peter Green in his V8 powered E30 beast! I would have to have a chat with him later but 1st thing was 1st, had to go sign in.

Went down to the office where there was no queue, result! Sometimes it works out better been a little late 😉 The lovely young lady signed me in & gave me my wrist band & Orange sticker for the Novice Inter group & unlike last time on the reserve list I wouldn’t have to keep going back to check if i could drift again, woo hoo!

I had missed the 1st session, hmmm at times been late isn’t so good! Not to worry I had another 5 sessions to go!

Time to unload my tools, my tyres & check the tyre pressures. All the pressures were low even the fronts? So spent about 20mins pumping them up!

What I hadn’t realised, is that the gauge on the pump was set to Bar & not Psi……so now they were really pumped!!!

Then a familiar face approached me, it was Christian Freed. Met him through ebay when I was getting the M52 328i lump for my E30 swap, he was in the process of fitting the mighty M62 V8 to his E30!

He was selling the complete kit but I never won the bet but Christian had been a great help with tips & advice when I was fitting the M52 lump, although I wished I went the V8 route, still might do the V8, soon, very soon…… You just cant beat that V8 rumble & power!

Pictures from Auto Extreme

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The Biggest and Baddest V8 Supercar Crashes

The Biggest and Baddest V8 Supercar Crashes! And some. You gotta love the V8 Supercars Championship. This is one of my favourite forms of motor racing! It has all you could want from motor sport. Super close Racing, Panel Rubbing, Paint Scraping, Pushing & Shoving to the limits & beyond……and plenty of Hard Hitting Crashes. No wonder the Aussies Love it so much!

The V8 Supercars take tough and exciting racing to another level altogether!

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BMW M3 Old E30 Vs New E92

BMW M3 Old E30 Vs New E92. Beasts from different eras, with a gap of over 25 years separating the 2 cars. This makes it a little difficult to get a direct comparison between the two. The video below pretty much sums it up. The E92 BMW is an out & out race car where as the E30 M3 is much more refined but a very charismatic car, loved by many!

I got to drive a E92 M3 BMW (not the CSL) about 3 months ago and I have to say it is a breath taking, Relentless beast. My mate Rilus who has a BMW E60 530i which was in for some minor bodywork, got this E92 M3 as a courtesy car from BMW for a week? Are they Mad, don’t they know what Rilus is like in a car? Haha, obviously not 😉 Continue reading