What is a Ricer

What is a Ricer? You may of heard or seen the word Ricer been mentioned on or off the internet. You may be wondering what a Ricer is? Wonder no more my friend, wonder no more. Here you will find out all about the dreaded Ricer.

I use to think a Ricer was some fool with a Japanese import with a 5″ or bigger Exhaust tail pipe that sounded like shit, all noise and no go, trying to look Fast & Furious. I was close but it goes much deeper, Much, much deeper then that!

Ricer comes from the Latin word Ricarius, meaning to `Suck at Everything`

A dickhead car enthusiast who makes stupid and pointless modifications to there pride & joy, to basically make it look faster but go slower! The Ricer will spend more money to make there car look faster instead of spending money to make actually it go quicker & fail miserably in the process.

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