Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova

Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova! Here is another mountain drifter or in this case a Drifting Bunny. This Bulgarian beauty is drifting in the mountains of Bulgaria.

This Lady Drifter is using her old Audi 90, 5 cylinder, turbo charged 2ltr, producing around 220bhp and has been converted from 4 wheel drive to rear wheel drive.

This is one lady drifter who is well capable of putting the men to shame!

Drifting Bunny Iva Rusinova competed in this years 2013, brand new Drift Championship for women, named Queen of Europe. Here she finished 4th overall, competing in her Yellow & Blue Scooby.

Iva has been Drifting over the past 3 years in a variety of cars. She has used a Toyota corolla, AE86, RWD converted Audi 90, Nissan 350z and finally her yellow Subaru Impreza.

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