Keep Drifting Fun – Outsiders Japan

Keep Drifting Fun – The Outsiders Japan! The other day I found a little Gem of a video, called The Ugly Duckling and now I found this large Gem of a video, Outsiders Japan! I cant believe I haven’t seen it before but when I started watching Outsiders Japan, I was hooked!

This was filmed in 2011 by Driftworks, featuring Phil Morrison & James Robinson, who take a tour of Japans Drift scene. This is a great documentary for anyone, drift fans or not. It was beautifully shot, with a great soundtrack & gives an interesting insight into the Japanese drifting culture.

Japan has always been at the forefront of drifting. The Japanese always Keep Drifting Fun, from drifting in the city streets to the Touge Passes from the mountains or the dedicated drift tracks all around Japan.

They just drift for the pure thrill of it, not for the glory, the fame, the money or the sponsors! The Driftworks crew visit drift teams from the big to the small, Bee*R, Mind Control, Kids Heart, 326 Power and V-Factory. They visit many places including Bihoku, Suzuka Twin and Meihan, plus the crazy city of Nagoya!

It is not a movie about the D1 Grand Prix Allstars or the big drifting competitions. Its more about the grass roots of drifting, the way of life of the drift culture in Japan, the different style of their drifting. The Japanese are fearless and seem to be years ahead of the European drifters & the Vaughn Gittin Juniors or the McNamaras from the American Formula Drift series.

I’m not knocking these drifters but I reckon they would be well out of there depth going up against a lot of the Japs who just love to drift, drifting to them is not all about the big competitions, with big name sponsors, cars costing huge amounts of money & putting out mega horsepower.

Drifting is just a part of their everyday lives, they are just as happy jumping into a beaten up drift car & drifting around a track at the absolute limit, lap after lap as they are to drifting on the streets or a dedicated track in a highly tuned drifting beast…….Keeping drifting Fun as it should be. 😉

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