Matt Powers Drifts In Virtual Reality

Matt Powers Drifts In Virtual Reality using the Oculus Rift DK2 Virtual Reality Headset
to promote Castrol EDGE oils in this amazing virtual reality video.

Simply put the creators of this video turn a Rousch Stage 3 Mustang into a virtual controller. They connect various sensors to the Mustang measuring, throttle, braking & steering input as well as many other sensors to map a virtual world of Formula Drift driver Matt Powers in Virtual Reality.

We’re still a while away from driving with Oculus Rift but the video offers an exciting glimpse at what virtual reality could hold for the future. Imagine a firefighter using this technology for training purposes or maybe a more everyday use like entertaining kids on a long road trip.

Here we you can see the video that as yet has not been released….


You can now get a taste of virtual reality yourself! If you are into Racing games/simulators on the pc or consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One you will no doubt heard of Project CARS a racing simulator developed by Slightlymad Studios. This racing sim actually supports the use of Oculus Rift headset, although with a asking price of around $1500 this will be out of reach for the average gamer.

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