Mercedes Drift Missile

Mercedes Drift Missile V12 C600 beast! There are not many C Class Mercs around on the drift scene. Well what if you decide to drop a V12 lump into a C class? That is exactly what Amon Oliver decided to do 🙂

Fitting a W120 V12 engine mated to a BMW 530D gearbox into a C class might seem to be more effort then its worth but for this man Amon Oliver who is clearly a big fan of Mercedes, nothing else would do.

Looking at the results it does look to be highly entertaining.

Here is Amon testing it out at a gymkhana event, its still needs the suspension sorted, as you can see in the video it looks a little too heavy but Amon still throws it around the circuit with relative ease.

Here is another video showing of Amon Oliver skills throwing a big V12 S600 Merc around a Gymkhana course!

What are your thoughts on Drifting Mercs? Has to be said there are not many around but judging by these vids the Mercedes barges seem to be more then capable drift machines in the right hands!

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