VW Passat Drift Car

VW Passat Drift Car with 900BHP! An unusual choice for a drift car seeing as they are a front wheel drive car but this is no ordinary VW Passat!

This VW Passat Drift Car would be used to compete in 3 Formula Drift events this season in 2015 and would be driven by Tanner Foust.

Tanner Foust should be a familiar name to Drifting fans, although he hasn’t competed since 2010. Tanner is well known in America, is one of the hosts on the American version of Top Gear also a 3 times winner of Global Rally Cross championship and a stunt driver. Foust is also making a return to Formula Drift this year competing in select events.

Driving for VW in the GRC championship was the reasoning for using the VW Passat. Major reworking and fabrication of the structure and design of the car was needed to get it up to top level for competing in the Formula Drift series.

And onto the heart of this drift machine, the engine. They chose a 450ci LS7 V8 pushing 700bhp with a 200bhp Nitros kit giving the VW Passat Drift car a total of 900bhp to destroy tyres with.

Its reported that this VW Passat Drift Car cost around $200,000 to build and it seems to be common now in the big leagues of drifting where money is no object, which is a shame for teams with smaller budgets which will be struggling to remain competitive.

Each year drifting seems to be taken a step further away from the grass roots, it seems that its less about driver skill and more about how much power you got……

Before I go here is a great vid of Foust doing some promo street drifting at Mulholland Hwy. Malibu California.

What are your thoughts on this big powered VW Passat Drift Car and the way things are going with these big powered drifters? Please share and let me know what you think below in the comments……

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