Back at Lydden Hill 4th Time Lucky

Back at Lydden Hill 4th time lucky, for some more drifting fun hehe. The 22nd of March! Hopefully it would all go smoothly this time! Last time at Lydden on my 3rd Session the damn throttle cable snapped……leaving me with a long drive home with a hand operated throttle in heavy traffic! Fun, I think not…

After a run of drifting misery over the past month due to destroying the sump at Arena Essex a few weeks ago! This is a major problem when fitting the M52 engine into a lowered e30, as the alloy sump will be the lowest point on the car & worse still its at the front….beware of big speed humps!

You need a sump from a E34 M50 525, these are getting hard to get now and you will be paying extortionate amount of money for it. Then fitting the sucker, not so easy with the engine fitted. This time I made up a sump guard for some protection!

On top of that, had another little crash at the arena last week, on the same bend & the same f`ing quarter panel…….it was looking bad, had to get to work on it with some panel beating, not perfect but not too bad 🙂

Arrived at 8:45am in Lydden Hill, parked up & signed in. Started unpacking all my gear, tyres, tools etc. Changed the back wheels & started pumping them up.

1st session went fairly well, Beamer going real good, time to start going hard!

Got back to the pits & my brother just arrived. He went & got his passenger ride wrist band and we were ready to roll. Bruv enjoyed it by the sound of it & was ready for more drifting.

3rd run was also going real good just needed to attack the corners more aggressively 😉

Going out for the 4th session & seen Stel had arrived with Chris, Thalia, Alex & Millie the lovely american bulldog, the gentle giant……Not long after Marc arrived with Kez, Shannon and her mate. Also got my Christmas present from them 🙂

Tyres were shagged after that run but hadn’t popped like I thought & time for a quick`ish pit stop!

5th session & Stel was coming out for her ride, getting some great drifts & transitions, this was one of my best runs…..

6th Session Alex was out, we were going well for a couple laps & then the back kept breaking away without warning & the tyres were making a different noise. Hmmm, turns out that the cheap Mohawk tyres I had on were coming apart, chunks coming of & then strips of tread, until we were down to the wire….

7th session and Chris, who seemed a bit apprehensive, decided to come out! Thalia wasn’t ready to brave it just yet 😉

This was another great run and this set of tyres were smoking up quite nicely…..although the temperature gauge was rising a bit to high!

Sadly had to call it a day then as the Beamer was getting a little too hot for my liking….No more drifting today 🙁 Still had to get my drift missile back home to London……

Time to pack up all my gear and hit the road.

Next event would be the 1st chapter of King of the Ring at Arena Essex on April the 5th….


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