Booked for Lydden Hill Drift Day 2014

Booked for Lydden Hill Drift Day 2014 Round 2. Not long now, just got to get the Beamer ready for it, as last time the gearing was too low & the old girl wouldn’t keep the wheels smoking up in 3rd gear 🙁 but still had fun apart from all the stopping with people spinning of, as the only group I could get into was the Novice Group!

T Dirte at Lydden Hill DriftingTreated the Beamer to an Limited Slip Diff with a 3.9 ratio. This should keep her spinning up in 3rd gear. Drives so much better with the LSD, turns in better, accelerates faster & feels like a new car!

The welded diff served well but parking & tight slow turns was a bitch with the welded! People looking on in horror at the car like something was gonna break of it.

The welded diff was just a bit rough for road use, but with the Lsd there’s no more Tyre hoping, skipping or chirping & all the clonks, rattles & creaks have gone. Plus, with all the strain on the half shafts & bushes I’m surprised something didn’t break……Result!

Got a 350mm Nardi imitation wheel from flea Bay. And as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! Although it looks the part & fees good in the hand. Once fitted you can feel it hasn’t got any real strength when pushing or pulling on it, I just need to be gentle with it then…..

Nardi e30 wheel1st of all I need to get the Kenlowe fan up & running as the thermostat pack gave up the ghost last week. Contacted Kenlowe & they sent a new unit out, no charge. Oh yes Kenlowe come highly recommended in my books. 😉

Next upgrade is the Hydraulic handbrake, which will be fitted soon, real soon. Hope to get it done for the 1st drift practice of 2014 at arena Essex on Sun the 26th of Jan.

Then it is the M50B25 Inlet manifold to let the M52B28 lump breathe better, meaning more power!!!

Might be getting a kit on eBay with remapped Ecu, this will apparently giving around another 40bhp but as I’m still using the original 325i M20 exhaust, which will restrict things a little but it should be more revvy & powerful with this kit bolted on!

Got a couple mates allegedly coming to the Arena Essex drift practice. JT might be coming in his e34 520i Beamer, now with welded diff & Marsh is back, who’s idea if drifting is flooring it and bouncing of the barriers, Hehe & he will be sharing a drive with Miram the Merc man in a Mercedes SL55 AMG 500bhp Monster. A Beast from the East, Overkill, oh yeah for sure!

mercedes-benz-sl-v12-S969068-4The poor Merc might not be coming back from this, probably end up like this, probably its last ever drive, What a car, what a Beast, what a waste!!

Mercedes SL55 AMG WreckedAs long as they are bouncing of the barriers & not me. I really don’t care. 😉 Although Marsh keeps winding me up saying he is gonna take the Beamer out! To be honest, I don’t trust the f`ing C***, I know what he is like but he better be damn well joking……

I tell you what, I’m not Fucking about, he best stay away from my little Beamer, that I have put Blood, Sweat & Beers into! I will be so f`ing mad, Marsh will be getting a f`ing slap. Even thinking about Marsh in that Merc has got my blood boiling………deep breath!

There are some unwritten rules in the world that, you don’t mess with a mans Woman, it happens but it shouldn’t. You don’t mess with a mans food, its just not on and you should Never, never, never, Ever mess with a mans wheels……are you reading this slag?

Anyhow, after the 1st drift practice at Arena Essex, I want to get to Norfolk Arena for some more practice on a dry track and I need to rebook Santa pod for DWYB (Drift what you brung). I was booked in last June but the Beamer wasn’t quite ready back then.

2014 looks to be a great year for drifting fun!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Yeah, I just cannot wait……. 😉


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