Drift Practice Before Final King Of The Ring

Drift Practice Before Final King Of The Ring at Essex Arena! Been looking forward to this all week. Marsh had finished of another car. The lovely blue E36 328i he had bought 2 weeks ago was now badly beaten up and the M52 lump had been cooked. 🙁

I was going to fit another engine for him but after checking the car over Marsh decided he would get another Beamer instead, oh yes, more money then sense!

I found him a list of 3 series Beamers, even a E46 328i for £700, maybe to nice for Marsh to wreck…… anyhow he decided to get another Mercedes from the merc garage next door.

The Merc was a f’ing tank, a big purple 3 litre diesel, auto piece of shit, wtf! To be honest I wouldn’t want to be on track with that pairing. I reckon that merc would even do series damage to the barriers at Essex Arena. 😉

Mercedes 3 litre Diesel

JT had already gone and after quick wheel change I was of, Marsh said he would meet me at Essex Arena soon after. Mike the Mercedes man next door said he follow me down to see what all this drifting was all about.

Got there fairly quick although Mike was slowing me up, waiting for him to keep up. Signed in & drove down to the pits. Never seen so many cars at drift practice before! Taped my lights up and joined the long queue.

Couldn’t see JT in his 5 series, gave him a call and sent a text. Got the GoPro set up and wasn’t too long before I was out drifting. The Beamer felt a lot better with the new Powerflex bushes and I had a good 1st run.

Got back and still no Jt? Gave Marsh a call & he wasn’t happy, said he tried drifting the Merc near the garage & it was f’ing shit, wouldn’t spin up or slide, so he wasn’t coming. Just me myself & I as Mike only stayed for another session.

The GoPro was playing up now, wouldn’t record, kept stopping…..hmmmm. I got 5 runs at this drift practice but only got 2 videos and 1 of them wouldn’t play damn it.

The last 2 runs were really good as I was out with some good drifters. The Yetti in his black 5 series, Jodie Rasburn in her orange E30 and her Dad in his black King of the Ring E36, amongst some others.

I got behind Jodie for a few laps but could not keep up and then her Dad past me and they were twinning together up ahead, impressive drifting, hmmm I got a lot of catching up to do before I’m on there Level. 😉

It was all over too soon once again. I had a great time and getting better every time I go but would love to get moooorrrrrrrreeee time on track.

I’m still holding back on the Transitions onto the straight as when people lose it here they end up hitting the barriers Hard. I seen a lot of cars doing this and caving in the back of their drift machines. 🙁

It will not belong before I get the hang of it though! 😉

King of the Ring

The Final Chapter of King of the Ring will be on the 5th of October. I have a feeling that this will be the biggest Kotr so far, which will probably mean big queues! If I make it through the qualifying rounds to the top 16 I will be over the moon but I need to get them Transitions right………….

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