High Planes Drifter King of the Ring 4th Chapter

High Planes Drifter King of the Ring 4th Chapter at Essex Arena. This event seems to get bigger and bigger every chapter, the standard of drifting is also getting better and better, although I’m still in need of more practice. 😉

Had a tooth ache all week and today of all days it was killing me! Had some pain killers that did not help much and Clove oil drops, that did help a bit.

Another drifter, Young contender for King/Queen of the Ring, who finnished 3rd at the last Kotr! Was Jodie Rasburn in her freshly painted, Orange E30, she had to leave early due to a Infection…….

Still my 1st run went pretty good, this time I was actually getting pretty sideways 😉 Had a few spins but not too many.

Two of my mates came to try out some drifting fun. Martin or Marsh as we call him although there are many other deservingly abusive names he is often called, came with his newly acquired BMW E36 328i.

He had 3 offers to buy it then and there before going out on track but he wasn’t selling and after his 1st run he had a couple scrapes with the barriers. No sale 🙁

After King of the Ring…..

The Bimmer survived these shunts, unlike the Mercedes SLK he brought to the last King of the Ring which only lasted 2 sessions before it was pretty much undrivable!!

My other mate Jason or JT brought his MGF convertible but they wouldn’t let him drift it as it had no roll cage. He would later have a go in Martins E36. Scaring the life out of Marsh! 🙂 and getting too close to the barriers for Marsh’s liking……

There was a big crowd at this Chapter of Kotr! A lot of my friends and cousins came along, even my cousin Dwayne and his mates from Ireland some couldn’t make it this time which was a pity as the weather was real nice and we had a great sunny setting at this Kotr!!

The line for non members had around 40 cars queuing to get out at times, the members lane always had about 8 to 15 cars waiting. Time on track was always way toooo short but fun while it lasted.

My bruv got some great pictures this time, I got him a book about motorsport photography and I reckon this has helped him out a lot, hehe!

You can check his pictures out here. Impressive Pics Bro……..

On my 2nd run Jan and my Sis came over as I was about to go out. They Finally found Essex Arena! 😉 I had a passenger on this run. Sambo from the garage, he couldn’t wait to get out on the track! He loved it but it was all over in 2 laps, would of got about 3 laps if I hadn’t spun on nearly every corner…..

Before my 3rd run I met up with my Stel, Alex & Thalia. They went of to get their passenger ride wrist bands, Thalia wasn’t going to brave it though, said she would come for a ride on the next Kotr, well maybe…. 😉 This run was a little better but not much! I came back to the pits as I had to go hose the porcelain.

More friends & family arrived & came down to the pits but Dwayne was telling me my welded diff must be broke as only 1 wheel was spinning. Damn it, the beamer had been making some strange noises but I put it down to the knackered bushes on the rear subframe and suspension! Hmmm….

I didn’t want to risk the Diff locking up as I had to nurse the beast back home and it was a half hour drive! So that was it for the E30 at this meeting of Kotr!

Stella came back with Alex & Thalia & there wrist bands for Passenger ride and they were in disbelief that the Bimmer was a no go but Marsh said I could use his Beamer 😉 Result!!!

Had to patiently do some spectating for a while now. Met up with my Bruv the photographer & gave him some tips ;), Karen and my cousin Jay. Mum was there & Jan. Seen Stew & Seth. Lee who works with Jt. Spix turned up with Justin.

It was now my turn, me & Stel grabbed our helmets and headed of to the pits to get the E36 Beamer.

Then came an announcement that there was a drivers briefing. We all gathered around as the judges announced that it was now Qualifying time!

Marsh decided he couldn’t let me out just yet as he wanted to try and get a good qualifying. I think he was afraid I would wreck his Beamer! Not me fella, not me 😉

So Stel went out drifting with Marsh, has to be said Marshens run didn’t go too great! Now it was my turn. Alex got a helmet and we lined up for a qualifying run.

I have to say I found the E36 a little easier to drift then my E30 but it just had a normal Diff but I was surprised how sideways it was getting. I was pretty pleased with my run but knew it wasn’t good enough to qualify…..Just need more practice 🙂

After a few more runs the top 16 were announced. That was it for us, so we done some spectating and checked out the sound of competition before the Journey home……

Thats all for now, although there will be 2 Drift practice days coming up before the next and Final King of the Ring on October the 5th



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