Lydden Hill Drifting Day

Lydden Hill Drifting Day, last one of 2013 on 30th November. Smoking, smoking, smoking! Well not quite…… on.

This was to be my 1st proper Drift day on a proper and most importantly Dry track!

Dirty E30

It was an early start for me, up at 5:50am, quick cuppa & left after 6:30am in darkness. The roads were clear all the way & got to Lydden Hill in just over an hour.

The main pits were already full so parked in the pit area above. Time to sign in. Queued up for about half hour, only to be told that there was no places left!

WTF, my heart sank but I wasn’t beat just yet! Every 10 or 15 mins I would go back to see if any places were available? Only to be told, again & again, No, afraid not, come and check back in about 20mins.At 10 o’clock the girls in the office said I could have a place in the NOVICE group, wanted the Novice/Intermediate group but Novice will do fine I thought

But I would have to come back before each session to make sure the missing drivers hadn’t turned up! WooHoo, that was good enough for me, time to get ready!Removed all my tools and spare wheels from the beamer & my sister signed in for passenger ride. Not long now, couldn’t wait!

One of my mates Marc or Big M turned up on his beast of a bike, a Suzuki TL, 1000cc twin pot, the Widow maker as they were nicknamed!!


After a quick Cuppa & a Horse burger it was time to join the queue. GoPro & Drift Ghost all set and ready to go!

After about 10mins waiting the marshal’s waved us on to the track……oh yeah I was excited. This was going to be awesome but turned out to be somewhat frustrating. Cars spinning of, yellow flags waving at every other corner & we came to a standstill at one point.

Still I was buzzing but wanted more, so much more. Got back to the pits and Big M was next up for a passenger ride.

I went to sign in again, result. Another cuppa & time to queue for the 3rd session or my 2nd sesh.While waiting with the other Novices to get out on track, Stel arrived with Chris & Alex.


We were 1st in the Queue this time so had a clear track in front 🙂 The Marshall waved me on and we took of like a bat out of hell. Big M had a bit of a Panic attack on the 1st lap, telling me to slow down for the 1st corner and hyper ventilating, ahhaha it was too funny!

me n bigm 3

He calmed down after the 1st lap and was getting into the groove from then on…..

Back to the pits and it was now Lunch time. We were all having a great laugh, time for more tea and another dirty burger. I seen a few cars from Arena Essex around the pits, Dan Grundys green E36 who won King of the Ring, the light blue E36 that use to go, he was in the Pro group & smoking up the track & couple others with members lane stickers from the Arena!


The pros were back out after lunch and I went to sign on again. The blonde girl said that all the drivers had turned up & there were no spaces left, no f`ing way, I couldn’t believe it……..but Blondie said she would ask the manager & when she came back she gave me the ok, WoooHooo!!!

Queued up once again with my sister in the hot seat. This was the worst session so far, there was more cruising around the track then drifting.


When starting on the 2nd lap the Nissan S14  in front of me T-boned a silver BMW e36 that had spun on the straight, looked bad but everyone was ok.

The Red flags were out & we were at a standstill for about 10 minutes.Then we got going again.


I was Holding back to build a gap and when you get to a bend or corner it would be yellow flags waving & people spinning!

Before I knew it, the session was all over and we headed back to the pits. I remember thinking never mind, you going to nail it on the next session!

Small track Side vid done by Karen Austen.

Went to sign in again but the girls told me they were afraid that was it, as 2 more pre booked drivers had turned up, the f`ing tossers!

If they couldn’t be bothered to get there in the morning they should of lost there space but as it was there would be no more drifting for me today! 🙁

Met up with my mates back at the pits were everyone was a little disappointed but we still had a laugh and watched some of the drifting before packing up and heading home!


My Beema hadn’t done as well as I thought she would. Needing more power for sure and a higher ratio diff. She was struggling to keep the wheels spinning in 3rd on the big bends and not smoking the tyres enough in 2nd!

So I now know what I want for Christmas, a M50 manifold, ECU remap, Big Bore Throttle body, hydraulic handbrake and Higher ratio welded diff or LSD. Then we will be seeing some Smoking tyres for sure. 😉


Was about 5 mins from home when from behind I heard glass breaking and a big bang! Felt a slight tap on the back of the Beamer and seen that the car behind was right on my bumper & the car behind him had smashed into the back of him!

Hmmm another close one but was glad to get the beamer home in one piece and get some much needed rest and a lovely big hot mug of Tea……

Next year I will be getting booked in early for the 1st Lydden Hill Drifting Day on the 15th of February 2014. Will be Booking into the Novice/Intermediate group were I should get some better drifting time with more power in the Beamer & a higher ratio Diff 😉


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